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“Trackwalks” Brandon Scheiber


by Northwest Karting News

NWKN didn’t have to look far in coming up with the second driver for our “Trackwalks“ series. Brandon Scheiber is a local hot shoe who proves week in and week out that you don’t have to have the big budget in order to win races. When we took a closer look at this father and son team three things were immediately apparent: Hard work, determination, and real talent.

Brandon is what some like to call a “wheel man”. What does that mean exactly? Well, it’s not in the dictionary (we checked) but if forced to offer up a definition, it might go something like this: a driver who, if you can get the chassis and motor close, can take it right to the front more often than not...

Northwest Karting News caught up with “Mr Excitement” himself recently and once again had a great time with the resulting interview.

NWKN: How old were you when you started racing karts?

SCHEIBER: I started racing when I was 11 in the Yamaha Super Sportsman class. My first race ever was at PSGKA and I qualified off pole with 11 kids on the grid that day. I ended up racing Gold Cup that year and finishing 2nd in Super Sportsman and 3rd in Sportsman.

NWKN: When did you switch over to Rotax?

SCHEIBER: I ended up going to Rotax Jr the very next year when I was 12 because the Yamaha classes went away. I kept the same chassis, an Arrow 28/30, and raced Gold Cup again. My first year in Rotax I did ok, I finished 5th overall but learned a lot. My 3rd year in racing was my first really good year; I was in Rotax Jr again and raced both Road Race Gold Cup and Sprint Gold Cup with the same engine and chassis. I ended the year 1st in Rotax Jr Sprint, 1st in Tag Jr Road Race and two 2nd place finishes in the Road Race Nationals.

NWKN: Very impressive! When did you switch over to an Intrepid?

SCHEIBER: I switched to an Intrepid Cruiser chassis for my 4th year, when I got a sponsorship with Northwest Race Karts. It was the ticket I needed to keep me in front with so much pressure from Kyle Byers and Parker McKean for the Gold Cup in both Tag Jr and Rotax Jr. The last race of the year is what decided the Rotax Jr title, as I finished with a 1st in Rotax Jr and Tag Jr in the Gold Cup series. I also ran two dirt speedways this year with Marty Patrick's Briggs engine, and finished 2nd in my second race ever.

NWKN: What made you think about getting into a Shifter?

SCHEIBER: In the 2010 season, I started the year in Rotax Jr in the I-5 Corridor series, again with the Intrepid Cruiser chassis. I got to a point where I wanted to do a little more on the track. We then got another sponsorship, this time from Hammer Nutrition, along with the opportunity to run a shifter kart.

NWKN: Do you anticipate any problems from a driving standpoint in making the switch from Rotax to Shifter? SCHEIBER: I don't think so, Stanford Racing (Aaron Stanford) sponsored me for one race and gave me the chance to run a 125 restricted shifter at PGP so I've got a little experience with them. My dad however may have a little more trouble on the tuning side of things; there are a lot more carb options with the Honda so he has a lot of learning to do.

NWKN: How do you like your team? How have they helped you in your racing?

SCHEIBER: I love the team, they are a great group to be with! Everyone makes sure to do what they can to help one another get to the front. I'm sure I will be asking a lot of questions in the future; getting as many tips about running a shifter as possible. I'm hoping that I can contribute to them as well with my experience at the different tracks in the Northwest.

NWKN: Will you continue to race Rotax as well?

SCHEIBER: As far as the future of Rotax, I'm not sure yet. My dad and I are putting our efforts into the shifter for now and we will see where that takes us. I really enjoyed the Rotax and I still want to race it, but it would be very hard on my dad to tune both.

NWKN: What are your plans for the rest of the 2010 season? What are your goals for next year?

SCHEIBER: I am going to run Shifter for the rest of the year. I've got a long way to go, but if I can get fast enough I will have the chance to go with the Hammer Nutrition team to the 2010 SKUSA SuperNationals, running S2 Semi Pro. I'm super excited for next year... I hope to be able to make a run at a Shifter title for the Region, as well as attend the SKUSA SuperNationals if all goes well. It took a year for my dad to get the tuning right for the Rotax so I figure it will take this year for him to get the 125 Honda tuning down.

NWKN: Is there anyone you would like to thank that has helped contribute to your success so far?

SCHEIBER: Where do I start, so many people have helped me over the years. I'd like to thank Dave Lehmann for getting me started in karting in the very beginning at his indoor track Grand Prix Raceway in Tacoma. Mike Collins of Collins Racing Engines for providing me with engines that run up front year after year. Steve Perdue of Northwest Race Karts for getting me into a winning chassis, the Intrepid. Aaron Stanford for getting me into my first Shifter at Bremerton (what a great time). Terry and Lisa Delavergne for always being there for me, like my second parents. Marty Patrick for his help in Dirt Track racing. Brian Frank of Hammer Nutrition for getting me moving forward in my racing career and allowing me to be a part of such a great team. And last but not least, my dad for all the hours he puts into getting things working right!

NWKN: Brandon, thanks for hanging out with us and taking part in trackwalks ! Keep up the good work ! See you at the next race...

That's a wrap for now. Northwestkartingnews.com would like to thank Brandon Scheiber for talking with us and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, both on and off the track. Be sure to check back to see who we “Walk the Track'” with next time.

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