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WSK: Carlton and DeGrand Podium on Home Soil!


Despite the fact that the North American contingent running in the second round of the WSK World Series at New Jersey Motorsports Park was having very mixed experiences at the event, there were certainly two huge highlights during the final day of competition. Experience at this level of competition, access to first-rate equipment and a little luck go along way in achieving success on the international stage and, on this day, Americans Gary Carlton and Tristan DeGrand were able to race their way to the podium in their respective classes. It was certainly a special occasion for many in the paddock to see the America flag raised alongside the others during the podium presentations for both KZ2 and KF3, and the pride amongst the families and teams was clearly evident.

For the remainder of the North American drivers who put themselves up against the world’s best, the experience of simply competing in the event will be the ultimate payoff. There were definitely some bright spots in the action, and even those who struggled all weekend will be better for it. The phrase ‘learning experience’ was used by many, as for a majority of the American drivers it was their first opportunity to run against an international field of this caliber.

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Article Credit: Ekartingnews.com
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