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Austin Elliott Scores IKF Championship


Article & Photo By: RaceMediaGroup.com

Austin Elliott recently closed out the 2010 IKF Region 11 Super Series Finale’ with an exclamation mark, capturing the Series Championship. Going into the season Finale’ Austin had just come off a successful Grand Nationals Event at Willow Springs Kart Club. Headed Straight for Reno for the Region 11 Super Series race, Austin was focused on closing out the season with the Championship in hand.

In June, at the 2010 IKF Grand Nationals, Austin registered his Top Kart machine in 4 different classes. The first class was the super competitive Jr. Super Sportsman Heavy. Austin Qualified ninth on the field and with a packed class, he was able to capture an 8th place finish. The next category for the Nationals was Jr. 2 KPV and Elliott qualified off-pole missing fast time by only .332 of a second. Austin led a few laps early and was able to close out the race with a 3rd place finish to stand on the podium. Day 3 Elliott continued his hot streak in Jr. Super Sportsman and again qualified off-pole only .106 off of fast time. Once again Austin took control of the race early and jumped out to a big lead. When the checkered flew Austin once again stepped on the podium with a second place finish. The last day of the Nationals hosted Jr. 2 KPV and Austin again qualified his Top Kart machine on the top of the charts with a 3rd place time only .289 off fast time. Elliott ran with the two leaders clicking off fast laps and trading the lead position. At the end of the race Austin Elliott captured another 2nd place finish reaching the podium three times on the weekend at IKF's premier event.

Not wasting any time, Austin left Willow Springs and headed directly to Northern Nevada Kart Club in Reno, Nevada where he was hoping to close out the year with a championship in the KPV 2 category. Elliott, with a 45 point lead, only needed to start the main to secure the Championship, but wanted to end the season on a high note. He qualified fast time running a 51.473 which was .344 second faster than the field. Elliott found himself under pressure in the heat race swapping the lead a few times, but finished in the top spot. In the main event however, Elliott ran uncontested to the win to not only stand on top of the podium with the win, but with the series Championship as well.

Austin Elliott is teamed with some of the best people in the business that support him and help him compete in a Kart at the highest of levels. His Sponsors include The Door & Window Stop, Fresno Tap Recyclers, SNAP Fitness, RDS Race Cars & Chassis, CS Tactical, Stat Medical, Kartel Motorsports, P1 Engines, Grand Products and Race Media Group. Check out more on Austin Elliott’s racing endeavors at www.AusintElliottRacing.com

Article Credit: Race Media Group
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