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Ocala Gran Prix Has Tony Karts


“A supply of OTK product is now available”

July 7, 2010 – Ocala Gran Prix International Imports (OGPII) has officially received and unloaded their first shipment of the OTK product line at their warehouse in Ocala, Florida. After arriving in the United States before the holiday weekend, the container was delivered to the Ocala facility Tuesday evening after clearing customs without any problems.

“We finally have our product and are open for business,” expressed Jorge Arellano. “There were some minor delays along the way that should be expected with our first procedure of importing. We overcame these issues with very little hassle with help from our broker and Andre Martins and now have a fully stocked warehouse with karts and parts.”

The container arrived at the Ocala Gran prix facility around 9:00pm on Tuesday evening and was successfully unloaded within an hour. With a crew of four at hand, the unloading of the shipment went smoothly as everything was packed together nicely.

“We unloaded the container and loaded a lot of stuff in a trailer that is headed to the Rotax Grand Nationals in New Castle, Indiana,” stated OGP’s Troy Mitchell. “With the team karts already on their way, we utilized the space in the second trailer to bring a variety of new product that will be available to our customers at the event. I would like to thank the crew of guys for all their help last night to ensure we got through everything in a timely manner.”

The Tony Kart product line can be seen in action this weekend at the third round of the World Karting Association Manufacturers Cup event at the famed Road America as well at the US Rotax Grand Nationals where a fully stocked parts trailer will be in attendance.

Focusing on the Florida and Midwestern markets (Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana), interested companies looking to help promote the OTK product line are asked to contact OGPII. With profitable margins and support from some of the top personnel and leading karting operations in the United States, a partnership with OGPII will have major benefits and be an instant success.

For more information on Ocala Grand Prix International Imports, including information on how to get into karting or become a dealer, please visit Ocala Gran Prix online at www.OcalaGranPrix.com or contact Kyle Kraus at 352.291.0600 ( Kyle@OcalaGranPrix.com ) or Mike Maurini at 317.270.8723 ( Mike@OcalaGranPrix.com ).

Article Credit: Race Tech Development
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