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US Rotax Max Challenge Announces Townsend Bell


The US Rotax Max Challenge is proud to announce IndyCar driver Townsend Bell will be speaking to all attending the welcome dinner at 7pm on Tuesday, July 13 at the US Grand National.

Accomplished racer Townsend Bell has been winning in the business of sponsorship for over a decade. From a humble beginning with nothing more than ambition and a stack of business cards, Bell secured the necessary funding to climb the U.S. racing ladder and graduated from karts to the top levels of open-wheel racing in a scant five years. Now he is using his knowledge and expertise to help drivers maximize their personal sponsorship portfolio as well as advising teams and sponsors on sponsorship issues and business development.

"I'm thrilled to visit with the drivers of this year's Rotax Max Championship in New Castle. The series represents the very best karting talent in North America. The sponsorship side of the sport will likely be the biggest challenge every driver will face moving forward. To play a part in strengthening their overall sponsorship skill-set makes me very proud," said Townsend.

"The Rotax program helps develop young drivers on the track, but it is drivers like Townsend Bell that can help guide kids from karts into a career in racing. For this reason we excited to be able to give our drivers a chance to hear from a driver who has made it on his own," said Joe Ramos, President of the US Rotax Max Challenge.

The 2010 Rotax US Grand National is approaching quickly with a July date of the 13-17 and a great track at New Castle Motorsports Park it promises to be the largest US Rotax Grand National ever.

Article Credit: rotaxmaxchallenge.com
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