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Region 11 Super Series-High Banks in Atwater


Article By: RaceMediaGroup.com

The Norcal Region 11 Super Series held round 5 of the six race series at the high banks of Atwater Kart Club. Off highway 99 near Merced Tom Dash memorial Speedway in Atwater California holds one of the fastest tracks on the West Coast. The facility is popular for its long straightaway leading into a high banked flat-out sweeper and its drafting, which provides for exciting racing throughout the fields for all positions.

First up on the weekend was Kid Karts and Tomas Mejia set fast for the first time on the season with a 46.235. In the Heat race Mejia jumped out to a quick lead and began pacing laps with Zach Corbitt in tow. Around halfway Corbitt passed for the lead and snuck away rather quickly into familiar territory, out front. Corbitt got the win to start pole for the Final. On the start of the Main Mejia once again assumed the lead and pulled out to a big lead. As the race progressed Corbitt ran down the leader. After a few laps of Putting the pressure on Mejia, Corbitt jumped out front, and cruised to a 2.9 second victory. Mejia came home second with Clayton Williams third.

Next up was Jr Comer and the Kartel's LaRosa Boys captured front row with Joseph edging out his brother Kendall with a lap of 35.931. Kartel's Blaine Rocha and Joseph LaRosa broke away in the Heat race for the teammates to start on the front row with LaRosa once again on Pole. Rocha jumped out to a big lead early on and left the other fighting for second. Cambrian Gokart's Justin Yanez and Magnum's Tyler Burk got together late dropping both out of the top three. Joseph Runyan finished second with Joseph LaRosa third.

Jr Superpipe took to the track and Kartel's Luis Tyrrell grabbed fast time with a 33.441. In the heat race Brennen Mankin jumped out to an early lead and cruised to the victory. On the start of the Final the outside line got the jump and Tyrrell made a daring pass into the Sweeper grabbing the lead for Lap one. As the race progressed Mankin took control and Tyrrell began to drop back, however the driver lurking was Zach Maclean. Maclean took control of the race with 5 laps left and drove to a big victory for his first ever IKF Region 11 Super Series win. Mankin was second and Tyrrell was third.

Sr Superpipe was on track and local driver Ryan Garcia grabbed pole with a 33.328. Garcia rolled to victory in the heat but the action behind him proved that the real racing was yet to come. On the start of the Final Extreme Motorsport's Bryan Eady jumped out to a big lead while the rest of the drivers battled for second. A red flag involving Ryan Casner in a scary accident stopped the race 5 laps in which bunched up the field including some charging drivers from the back. As the racing resumed from the Red the racing action began to get heavy. Lead changed sometime twice or three times a lap. Leading Edge's Brett Felkins and Eady both took their turns at leading but with five to go it was Bobby Runyan with the point and Eady bringing the heat. On the last lap Eady went to the inside of Runyan in the Hairpin, however Clayton Snow wanted the inside as well and made it three wide for the lead. Snow’s pass prevailed and contact between the other karts behind him gave him the space he needed and Snow got the win. Eady got second and Felkins third.

KPV-1 Jr was next and Kartel's Blaine Rocha grabbed fast time with a 34.974. Rocha and Cambrian Gokart's Justin Yanez jumped out to a quick lead in the Heat with Rocha bump drafting Yanez for the two to finish 1-2 for the front row of the main. In the early going of the Final both Rocha and Yanez once again pulled away to a big lead. Yanez crossed the line first for the victory with Rocha on his tail. Rocha was removed from post race tech moving Kartel's Joseph LaRosa up to second. Cambrian Gokart's Danny Rubino had a great run through the field to finish third.

Tag Sr took to the track and Kartel's TJ Fischer grabbed fast time running a 31.977 lap. Fischer looked to be the driver to beat as he opened up a big lead early in the Heat and cruised to victory. The start of the Final looked like Fischers teammate Kartel's Neil Alberico would have something for TJ to battle, but as the raced progressed Fischer opened up a big lead and swept the day for his first IKF Region 11 Super Series win. Alberico surrendered the second spot late to Cambrian Gokart's Bronson Eggert who made a nice run through the field from the last starting spot. Alberico finished third.

HPV-2 and the stellar lineup of drivers were next to battle and Leading Edge's Jarred Campbell set fast time with a 33.004. MMI's David Vasquez showed the way in the heat race to get pole position in the Final. On the start of the Main Campbell and Vasquez opened up a big lead as the rest of the drivers battled for third. Great driving was put on display by the young drivers. David Vasquez held on to get the win in which later he announced at the trophy presentation, “The Competition is in Norcal”. Campbell got second while Emmick Cobra's Sonny Cervelli won the fight for third.

Leading Edge's Jared Woolf won the 125 Stock Moto category while Connor McNeil won the 4-cycle division after a post race technical DQ took the win away from Cambrian Gokart's Chip Mooneyham. MMI's Chuck Hastings won the Formula 80 Masters after putting on a clinic with fast time, heat and Final race wins.

Next race for the IKF Region 11 Super Series is the Norcal Super Series Nationals at Northern Nevada Kart Club in Reno Nevada which held the 2009 IKF 2-Cycle grand nationals. For more information or for series points visit the official Region 11 IKF website www.NorcalKarters.com . For the series Photos visit scribnerracingpromotions.zenfolio.com/

Article Credit: RaceMediaGroup
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