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Italkart - Western Canadian Challenger Report


This past weekend team Karting Canada/Italkart made the trip to Chilliwack, BC for the first and second rounds of the WCC. The team consisted of 4 members with 3 of them being news ones. Scott Campbell ran DD2 Masters and Rotax Sr. Also running in Rotax Sr. was Adam Isman from Vancouver and Evan Dunlop from Saskatoon. The forth member was Dalton Hubred in the 4 Cycle Junior class.

Saturday May 22, 2010
Rotax Sr. was a rough day for everyone, with qualifying 6th, 13th and 14th. Before the prefinal the rain came down making it a rain race. The race would end up with 1 DNF and 2 DQ’s. Campbell would finish the race in 6th place after driving off the track twice. Both Isman and Campbell would get DQ’d for being to narrow on the rear track width. For the final it would be an up hill battle and Campbell would end up 14th. Isman 16th and Dunlop 21st.

DD2 had Campbell setting the bar for all the DD2’s. Sitting on pole in the prefinal Campbell and Kyle Stevens would pull out on a damp track. Scott would make one mistake and brake to hard entering turn 9 and would slide off the track. He would get back going to finish 2nd. In the Final Campbell would not make any mistakes and would take the overall victory and the win in DD2 Masters.

4 Cycle Jr had Hubred qualifying 3rd. In the prefinal Hubred would mke the charge to the front winning by 2.5 seconds. The final would not be as good. Hubred would end up with a 3rd place finish.

Sunday May 23, 2010
Rotax Sr. again came with some tough luck. Campbell would qualify 12th, Dunlop 14th and Isman 22nd with a axle shifting from one side to the other. The prefinal would end with Campbell 11th and with Isman on the charge he would finish 13th. Dunlop would again end with a DNF. In the final Campbell would get a great start and jumped to 6th but would end up getting taken out in turn one after a driver made a late breaking move and collided with Chris Glover and then Campbell. Isman would benefit from the big mix up and charge to 8th. After the collision Campbell would be at the back of the pack of 30 karts. He would charge back to 16th hoping to pull his teammate Dunlop along the way. Dunlop ended his final in 22nd after being in a battle of 5 karts.

DD2 again had Campbell setting the pace with pole overall. This time Campbell would not make any mistakes all day and would win both prefinal and final overall. With two victories in the DD2 Masters class it starts the road to the World Finals off very good.

Hubred would qualify 4th in the 4 Cycle Jr. In the prefinal Hubred would have a great battle with two other drivers and end with a 4th place finish. The 3rd, 4th and 5th karts were only separated by 0.3 seconds at the line. Hubred would step it up and finish 3rd making it to the podium two straight days. In the final he would set the fastest lap but just not enough for the win.

Next WCC race is in Saskatoon on the July 2-4th weekend. The team hopes to have a great showing on home track and with some more drivers.

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