PGP LO206 Winter Racing


Gold Cup Round 3 This Weekend @ Spokane!


Gold Cup Round 3 This Weekend @ Spokane!

*Motel Info for Spokane:
The hotel in Spokane is the Wingate by Wyndham the address is 2726 S Flint Road, Spokane 99219. For reservations call 1-888-872 8356 this is the Expedia number the cost including tax is less than $80 per night. Rooms are limited so asked fast.

*Spec Gas for Rotax will be Chevron 92 octane.
The closest Chevron station is at 404 S Maple St, Spokane, Wa 99204 Spec Oil will be Amsoil Dominator mixed at 32:1 ratio, the oil will be available to all racers at the registration trailer all weekend.

*Tires will Be Mojo 450's for Micromax/MiniMax and 450/710 for Rotax Jr/Sr/Masters classes. These
will be available trackside at the registration trailer as well.

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