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New I-5 Corridor Series Kicks Off This Weekend!


This coming weekend, May 15th and 16th, will bring the dawning of a new era for kart racers in the Pacific Northwest. The new I-5 Corridor Series gets underway at the Pats Acres Racing Complex in Canby, Oregon. It looks like blue skies and 70 degree weather is in store for racers coming from Oregon, Washington and Canada.

The new I-5 Corridor Series is an 8 race, 4 weekend, series being run at Pats Acres (PARC) and the beautiful new Pacific Grand Prix raceway (PGP) in Kent Washington. The series will focus on the growth and rejuvenation of shifter kart racing here in the Northwest, as well has providing an elevated platform for the regions top Rotax and TAG drivers to compete.

This weekend’s event will start with Friday practice and two complete race days featuring qualifying sessions, pre-finals, finals, and podium ceremonies taking place both Saturday and Sunday. The schedules will be very tight and concise and will offer a ton of track time to those who make it. Drivers in the Rotax classes will accumulate 2 punches towards their Rotax US Grand Nationals qualifying status.

“The focus of the series is simple,” states PARC owner Chris Egger. “We are going to offer a focused class structure, which allows for maximum track time for our customers, while offering a top-notch program that minimizes travel expenses, allowing the racers to compete for a regional championship.” Racers will contend in 8 races throughout the season while only traveling out of town for 2 weekends, for the racers from the Seattle and Portland area.

The shifter category will see a strong contingent from the Seattle based Hammer Nutrition team showing to do battle with some of the local shifter guys from PARC. Many of the regions top Rotax pilots will be in attendance too. Seattle’s Derek Wang and Stepanova Nekeel will pressure the regions best all weekend. Rotax Jr will be a battle royal for sure, with drivers like Parker McKean, Joseph Schwager, Austin Hudson, Dalton Egger, Jacob Delavergne, and Brandon Scheiber and others doing battle for the right to hoist the 15lb. marble trophies at the end of the day. MiniMax and MicroMax pre-entries are showing strong as well. Terry Bridges will be calling the action all weekend long.

The series is the combined effort of PARC and PGP facilities, two of the premier tracks in the Northwest. Both facilities have a completely different feel and offer multiple track layouts. Racers will compete on 4 different racing layouts over the span of the series. The double race weekend format is something that has been well received by the customer base in karting all over the country. Nearly every regional series out there that is experiencing growth has gone to this format. Series such as the Florida Winter Tour and the Gators Challenge of the Americas are prime examples of this.

Paul Zalud, owner of the gorgeous PGP facility in Kent Washington, and PARC’s Chris Egger have been involved in the promotion and execution of hundreds of karting events over the last few years. Both have ran successful local and regional programs in the region, and have been key players in top level programs, such as the National Stars of Karting program, the Florida Winter Tour, the PRI event, the SuperNats, and many others. “Chris and I can put on well organized races in our sleep” stated PGP’s Paul Zalud. “We have assembled a very competent staff that will run a tight ship. Our challenge now is to build the series into something significant.” With the help of the top level racers in the Northwest, this should not be hard to do.

Preferred reduced room rates can be obtained by calling the Holiday Inn in Wilsonville at 503-682-2211 and asking for the “Pats Acres rate”. Tires (without sales tax) and fuel are available at the track. For additional information, call the track at PARC at 503-266-7287.

Article Credit: PatsAcres.com
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