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Stars of PGP Round 2


Beautiful weather has been scheduled for Round #2 of the STARS of PGP Karting Series. 70 degrees and blue skies will accompany this new series and the ever expanding support for it.

A couple of elements have been added to this race. First off, a new class featuring the Rental Racing Karts which utilize Birel’s high performance N35 chassis and the Honda GX270 9HP 4-stock engines.

The entry fee for the class will be $75.00 for members ($85 for non-members) and it will be the responsibility of the driver to tune their own karts throughout the day. Mechanics, family members or competitors who just want an inexpensive way to race in the big league can now do so. This is short notice, but please contact us today if you would like to participate in the excitement. This class will be allowed now at all STARS of PGP events including the two I-5 events at PGP.

Also, we are pleased to bring in George’s food service for tomorrow’s race. They are an established family run business that have gotten rave reviews for their Greek cuisine. They will be offering gyros, Greek salads, Caesar salads and soda. We appreciate your support of the catering service which will allow us to continue to expand the food offerings.

This Sunday, Mother’s Day, all mom’s will be treated to FREE Rental Kart Sessions when accompanied with a paying family member. This will be a fun day for the Mom’s and you are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and spend the day at the track. Our barbeque is ready and available for you to make a party out of the day.

Call us at (253)639-7223 for more information on track events.
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