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Gold Cup Round 2 Race Report


Article By: Northwest Karting News

Round two of the 2010 Gold Cup/Rotax Max Challenge series would find the competitors back at Tri City just twenty eight days after closing out round one here. Hosting the event this time around was the Seattle Kart Club. Weather, as it turned out would not be a factor, as this weekend saw mild temperatures and blue sky’s throughout.

Prior to racing getting underway, there was some unfortunate, and truly sad business to attend to. Northwest Racing had lost one of its own just a week earlier at this very track. Well known Kart shop owner and avid race supporter Art Carpenter had suffered a fatal heart attack at the previous week’s Tri City club race. At the drivers meeting Terry Bridges gave prayer, while everyone present was left to their own thoughts and memories of Art. Upon conclusion of the driver’s meeting Art’s son took to the track in loving memory of his father, he wore his father’s helmet and hoisted a checkered flag as he made his way around the track in his number 31 kart.

Once again turn out would prove to be strong as more than 160 racers showed up to contest their chosen classes. Among the many race teams represented were notables such as CMC, Italian Motors, Kartsport Northwest, Kartel motorsports, Revolution Karting and BBR. One Driver of interest was Canada’s Bryce Choquer, having just represented Team Canada in the Jr. Rotax class at the 2009 Rotax Max Challenge World finals. He would compete this weekend for the first time as a Senior. NwK news caught up with him after the event to get his perspective on the weekend’s events. “I’m very excited to have finally gotten the chance to race in the senior class, the competition is higher with so much more action. I’m looking forward to running a couple more gold cups this year, Greg Moore Raceway for sure”.

Races were run under the direction of Bam Racing, and action was called by Pro Sound Audio’s Terry Bridges. The weekend went off without a hitch as there was a noticeable sense of camaraderie among all present. This weekend as it turned out, would be for Art.

Race Report:

Rotax Micro Max/ Gazelle:
Right out of the gate the spectators were seeing yellow, as there were two wild karts on the front row throughout the entire weekend. It was Kartel’s Davey Manthei who led the field taking home the win for Gazelle, and the 8c of Conner Robistelli who took first place for Rotax Micro Max. Right up there in the mix was the #9 of Job Kandris who earned his second place spot in Gazelle. Following close behind was a battle for second in Micro Max between Seth Appel and Mason Morgan, as the two went back and forth throughout all heats. In the end it was Morgan who finished second, this would be young Morgan’s second podium of the year in as many attempts. Clearly Mason has a handle on the move up to the micro class. Seth Appel finished third, with Zachary Nino in fourth, and Deirdra O’neil in fifth.

Rotax Jr:
Arguably one of the most exciting classes to watch at Round 2 was Rotax Jr; did these guys and gals draw a crowd or what. The race for the first place spot all weekend was between Parker McKean (BBR/Tonykart), Kartsport’s Artie Carpenter, and the young Canadian Mathew Moniz (Mach One). These three led the field in the first two heats, going back and forth all vying for the win. Not far behind the top three, were the #55 of Kyle Byers (CRE/Intrepid) and the #32 of Austin Hudson (Intrepid), both determined to catch the front pack. By the time the main came around, the top three front runners were ready to battle it out for first place one last time. The green flag was thrown for the main, and the pack went flying into turn one causing a spectacular crash collecting more than half of the field. McKean was able to get through untouched and took off as the rest of the class scrambled to make their way back onto the track. This gave McKean a commanding lead, leaving Carpenter, Moniz, Byers, and Hudson having to make up for lost positions. McKean took the first place spot, followed by Moniz who was able to make an impressive run back up to second, with CJ Gannon displaying some great driving to pull down the third spot. Byers made his way back up to fourth, with Selliken in fifth, and Carpenter only having enough time to reach the sixth place spot.

Rotax Mini Max:
What a showing it was for the Mini Max class. These young guns were able to keep the crowd coming to the fence all weekend long. Here it was Kartel’s Davey Manthei and Sting Ray Robb out in front through the duration of all three heats, with a very fast Kyle Wick right there in third hungry for a win as well. With the top three front runners leading the way, there were many battles going on for the fourth, fifth, and sixth place spots, tied in with some impressive racing from Brown, Taylor, Preston, and Eakins. This was a very competitive class and these guys fought hard for their positions all weekend. In the end it was Red Apple Racing’s Sting Ray Robb driving for the Kartel Motorsports Team who would take home the first place spot, followed by Kyle Wick (CRE/WildKart) in second, Tyler Brown in third, Justin Taylor in fourth, and Jake Preston with an impressive fifth place finish. Well done Mini Max!

Rotax international:
Saturday qualifying found Andrew Zimmer on pole with a blistering time of 39.08 followed by the young Canadian Bryce Choquer. If there were any questions regarding Choquer’s ability to run competitively in the senior ranks he quickly put them to rest with a qualifying time of 39.23 just .15 off the pole! Round one winner Joey Mcguire qualified 3rd with Kory Estell, and Darren Ward rounding out the top five.

Sunday’s heat two had Choquer on pole with McGuire outside row one due to a post tech infraction charged to Zimmer. There was action throughout the field in this race as Zimmer made his way up to finish fourth, from dead last! Meanwhile Choquer and McGuire battled for the top spot, ultimately Choquer would prevail and take the win. The 64 kart of Darren Ward made several daring moves to wind up in the third spot. While Kory Estell secured the fifth position one behind Zimmer. Sunday’s Main was similar to Saturday’s heat race, once Zimmer was able to move to the third spot and engage the leaders the show was on. As in Saturday’s heat race it was Zimmer’s speed that would dictate the outcome of this race; he really earned the victory with a great display of driving. Bryce Choquer took home the second spot after a solid performance all weekend long. McGuire, Ward, and Estell rounded out the top five.

IAME Leopard Jr 3:
In the IAME Leopard Jr 3 class it was the #31 of Artie Carpenter who couldn’t be touched all weekend. Carpenter put his Top Kart on pole with a fast time of 39.44. In the second place spot, staying consistent in all three heats, was Parker McKean, who despite his many efforts was unable to catch Carpenter. Throughout the race it seemed that the drivers were all paired up in two’s battling it out for their positions. Behind the top two front runners Thomsen and Schultz fought for third place, while Laithwaite and McAllister battled for the fifth place spot. The end result was a well earned win for Carpenter, followed by McKean in second, Thomsen in third, Schultz in fourth, and Laithwaite rounding out the top five.

Ruscitti started out the weekend putting his kart on pole with a fast lap of 39.57. Saturday was all Hargrove, as Ruscitti and Blair went back and forth behind him fighting for the second place spot. When Sunday rolled around it was anyone’s guess who was going to take home the win. In the end, it was Ruscitti who took home first, followed by Blair in second, and Hargrove in third.

The Shifter class was one to keep an eye on as it would be a hard fought battle for first between the Italian Motor drivers Remo Ruscitti and Scott Hargrove. Ruscitti took pole with a fast lap of 38.58, putting Hargrove off pole. With Hargrove taking first place in heats one and two, it was Ruscitti who was able to make his way to the front for the main, while McKean worked his way through the field up to third. Ruscitti took first, followed by Hargrove in second, McKean in third, and Kim in fourth.

Briggs World Formula Heavy:
For the second race of the season the World Formulas were the largest class of the event with 22 drivers looking for a podium spot. Tim Lawrence’s time of 43.55 would put him on the pole with the next 8 qualifiers separated by less than 3 tenths of a second. This was the making of great race. With a 50% invert of the field for the heat race Tim Lawrence had his work cut out to catch up to brother Terry who was gridded on pole for the heat.  With a clean start and great racing Tim made it up to the fourth spot giving an off pole start for the main. The main had seen some great racing as there was passing and moves made throughout the range of drivers. The checkered flag dropped to Tim and Terry Lawrence finishing one and two with Robbie Calhoun third. Finishing out the top ten were Gabriel Kajdy, Mike Schorn, Brett Lucas, Chris Hatch, Austin Moon, Jeff Mullins, and Bryan Green.

Briggs World Formula Medium/ Masters:
In the medium’s, the fast qualifier was Brett Lucas with a time of 42.91 to put him on pole. Meanwhile it was Gabriel Kajdy who took pole for Masters with a fast lap of 44.13. Lucas led the Mediums throughout the weekend, however it was Terry Lawrence who was able to get around Lucas in the main event with Tim Lawrence and Robbie Calhoun close behind. For the Masters it was Kajdy who took a commanding lead as Chris Hach, Bryan Green, and Ryan Krassitt fought hard for second. For the Mediums Terry Lawrence took first, followed by Lucas in second, Tim Lawrence in third, Calhoun in fourth, and Gasaway in fifth. In the Masters it was Kajdy who took first, followed with Hatch in second, Green in third, Kassett in fourth, and Mullins rounding out the top five.

Briggs Gas Animal Heavy:
Briggs Gas Animal Heavy was filled with constant battles between the front runners. Brett Lucas took the top qualifying spot with a fast lap of 44.49, putting Alan Cathy off pole. By the end of the first heat it was Terry Lawrence who was able to find his way to the front with father and daughter Corey and Brooke Poynor not far behind. After a very intense main event, it was Terry Lawrence who took the victory, due to a DQ in tech for Corey Poynor, followed by Lucas in second, Brooke Poynor in third, Alan Cathey in fourth, and Green to round out the top five.

Jr 2 Briggs Gas Animal Heavy:
It was Michael Gutenberger who started off the weekend qualifying with a fast lap of 44.24, putting Myles Pederson outside row one. By the end of heat one it was Nicole Behar who lead the pack, while the battle for second continued behind her between Groff and Manthei. At the start of the main it was the two ladies Groff and Behar on the front row. These two were able to get out in front and run the table close together for most of the race, with Pederson, Gutenberger, and Manthei running close behind. With an unfortunate spin, Behar lost her second place position and ran out of time to make her way back to the front. It was Hailey Groff who finished first, followed by Pederson in second, Gutenberger third, Manthei in fourth, putting Behar in fifth.

Jr 1 Briggs Animal Light:
With nine racers in the field it was to be a great race for the day. Top qualifiers Britney Zamora and Sting Ray Robb were right on pace from last race and wanted that taste of victory for the first time this season.  In the heat contact with left Sting Ray on side after three laps giving Zamora a sigh of relief for the win. In the final however Improvement by all the drivers made this 2 battle race. With Zamora taking the early lead and keeping through out the race. It was tough though as  the faster Robb was working hard to take advantage of any error that Zamora didn’t let happen this time.  With a great battle for third ensued between Kyle Adams , Justin Demars, Bryce Peterson  in the second all trading positions several times Petersen retiring after 8 laps with Demars over Adams at the finish.  Not to be left out the pack of JR 1’s who all put on a great show with Devin Smith, Thibaut Ertle, Kellen Dean, Gaetan Ertle, Bryce Peterson finishing out the field.

Jr 1 Briggs Gas Animal Heavy:
The two young competitors Brittney Zamora and Sting Ray Robb would soon meet again in the Jr 1 Briggs Gas Animal class. These two fought long and hard all three heats and it was anyone’s guess who would come out on top here. Not far behind, Demars and Adams would go head to head again as well, along with the third battle between the #68 and 86 of Gaetan and Thibaut Ertle. This time around, it was Sting Ray Robb who claimed victory, with Zamora right there to take second. A very fast Bryce Peterson was able to make his way up to the third place spot, with Adams in fourth, Smith in fifth, and an unfortunate spin out earlier in the race left Demars in sixth.

Jr 2 Briggs World Formula/ Jr 2 Briggs Gas Animal: Michael Gutenberger started where he left off from last race, and that was fast. Gutenberger was able run comfortable in the heat and main with no challenge this weekend; but give it time and a Tiffany Brown along with Nick Ferguson and David Schorn searching for more, will work to get pick it up for the next race. JR 2 Animal saw Nicole Behar find her way around fast qualifier Hailey Groff on the start and was able to hold her off for the final. New for this season, Payton Manthei showing potential with his new wild kart chassis is sure to be in the hunt for first in the next race.
F 200/ Super Sportsman Heavy:
Well the excitement from the last race didn’t drop off as Brooke Poynor was able to hold off fast qualifier Joey Miller for over 9 laps in the main when Miller had a lapse concentration at lap 10 and did not finish. Dad Corey Poynor as well as Steve Adkins tried their luck at the younger Poynor, but to no avail as Brooke buckled down and focused on the checkered flag. Rounding out the 10 deep field was Brett Bowen, Alan Cathey, Michael Croff, Donny Clark, John McNeil, Jerry Pitts and Joey Miller.

That’s a wrap for our round two race report, see you all May 29th In Spokane for round three.

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