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2011 TaG Engine and Engine Parts Approval Process


In 2007 IKF joined with other major sanctioning bodies to approve TAG engines for the 2008 to 2010 competition years. The objectives were to bring stability to a popular and rapidly growing class and to maintain parity among the diverse group of TAG engines. Although this has been a challenging task, the success of the TAG classes has shown the approval and handicapping process to be effective.

As a result the major sanctioning bodies are now opening their approval processes for new TAG engines for the 2011 to 2013 race seasons. New parts for existing engines may also be submitted. IKF and the other sanctioning bodies anticipate that the new or revised engines will fall within the performance envelop of the current engines. The sanctioning organizations want to continue their existing programs with a minimum of change to existing engines and approve a very limited number of new engines.

To make the process easier several of the sanctioning bodies that include a TAG program will be meeting in Bridgeview, Illinois on Monday, May 3 to examine the engines and parts. In addition to IKF, these organizations include WKA, CKI, and SKUSA. KART and TAG USA have also been invited.

Any manufacturers or authorized importers or distributors who wish to submit an engine or parts for IKF approval should review the 2010 IKF Technical Manual, Section 624 for details. In summary they need to submit a complete engine package including carburetor, air box, header and pipe. A radiator is not necessary. They should contact IKF TAG Committee Chair, John Motley for shipping instructions and approval fees. He can be reached at 805-238-7060 or john@racekarteng.com .

Article Credit: ikfkarting.com
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