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Night Racing at Pat's Acres


2010 Pat's Acres League Night Series

League Night Racing in PARC's spec racer karts will continue this year with a few changes. PARC will continue to run two separate leagues, a "Light League" and a "Heavy League". This is in an effort to make things more even regarding driver weight and the response last year was very favorable. Again, this year drivers in the light division will not be allowed to strap on weight and run in the heavy league.

We also had requests from the racers to make the series longer. The request was for a ten race series but due to the weather and daylight availability we are going to change it to an 8 race series! We will see how this works and are open for more changes next year if requested. This year's seasons will consist of 8 races per league, with 6 counting towards the championship trophies. This gives drivers 2 drops if they cannot make it to all of them.

The cost is $49, which includes a qualifying session, a heat race, a feature and a Dinner Meal for the participants. Nightly trophies will be awarded. The top three winners of each series will receive series trophies. In addition, the series winner will be awarded jackets for both league champions. Qualifying will start promptly at 6:15pm on race night. The schedule for 2010 is as follows:

**Light League (Drivers weight is 190lbs and under)

Light League
Race 1 May 4 (Tues)

Race 2 May 18 (Tues)

Race 3 June 1 (Tues)

Race 4 June 15 (Tues)

Race 5 June 29 (Tues)

Race 6 July 20 (Tues)

Race 7 August 3 (Tues)

Race 8 August 17 (Tues)

**Drivers weighing over 190lbs may run in the light league**

Heavy League (Drivers weight must be at least 190lbs.)

Heavy League
Race 1 May 11 (Tues)

Race 2 May 25 (Tues)

Race 3 June 8 (Tues)

Race 4 June 22 (Tues)

Race 5 July 13 (Tues)

Race 6 July 27 (Tues)

Race 7 August 10 (Tues)

Race 8 August 24 (Tues)

**Drivers under 190lbs may NOT run in the heavy league- no adding weight **
***Schedule subject to change based on the weather***

To give us a head count for the dinner meal, please call the shop at PARC at 503-266 - 7287. (Reservations to race are not required) Racers may participate in as many events as they wish. 1 timers welcome, no experience necessary. Call for more details or go to www.patsacres.com. See ya at the track.......

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