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Rotax PanAm Challenge Round 1


For all competitors attending the first race weekend the following information is provided to all teams and drivers:

Pre Registration closes April 16th. Onsite registration will be $50.00 higher.

The facility will be open for practice in the days leading to the start of the event. For practice information contact Stuart Robinson at Kart Nation, the onsite Kart Shop at MSR Houston.

(281) 383-9328 stuart@kartnationatmsr.com

Pan American staff will arrive on Monday and Tuesday for initial set up. Registration will open on Thursday morning for pre registered competitors and Thursday afternoon for competitors not pre registered.

Friday will be the official event practice day with the final practice session of the day used for determining qualifying groups for Saturday. Qualifying groups for Sunday’s session will be set by the finishing order of the Saturday Final finishing order. Each race day will consist of a morning warm up, Qualifying, Pre-Final and Final.

Scrutineering will open Thursday afternoon once Don Moormeister arrives. This time will be published as part of the official event schedule to be released by April 19th.

Technical rules will follow the Rotax MoJo Rules for 2010. Supplemental rules for the Pan American Challenge Series will be released by April 9 to all registered drivers. This rules supplement will also be published on rotaxmaxchallenge.com/panamerican/
For pit spot information contact Marshall Martin, Rotax Program Director rmaxnrd@gmail.com

Overnight camping will be available but there are no electrical hookups. There will be a charge for those camping on sight to cover the require security costs.

We encourage everyone to pre-enter as there is a savings to the competitor and it allows better projections for tire and fuel needs.

The Pan American Rotax Max Challenge is organized and managed by SSC Racing, Palm Springs, CA. This is an International Rotax Challenge series open to all Rotax drivers in the world. The 2010 series champions will be decided on a points basis counting the best 4 of 6 race points totals. Top finishing drivers in the Junior Max, Senior Max, DD 2 and DD2 Masters classes will be awarded spots to the Rotax Grand Finals where World Champions will be crowned in these 4 premier classes. For more information about the Pan American Rotax Max Challenge, go to www.rotaxpanam.com/panamreg/index.html

Article Credit: rotaxpanam.com
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