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Italian Motors USA Sponsorship of IAME TaG Recap


Italian Motors USA sponsorship of IAME TaG at the Red Line Oil Karting Championship series brings new life to the Parilla engine!

For 2010, the Red Line Oil Karting Championship has changed the TaG class to allow the many Parilla engines to be raced both competitively and more economically.

Series promoter Steve Cameron has set some new objectives for this class to help lower the maintenance costs for this engine by using a spec gear system to lower the operating RPM to help ensure reliability. In addition, the spec gear formula allows heavier drivers to compete with lighter drivers by using different gears depending on the minimum kart/driver weight. "Lowering the RPM will go a long way to allow the racer to get more races out of a rebuild and save the racer money on the long run" says Steve. "We want to bring back the fun part of racing the Parilla engines without all the high costs of maintenance caused by excessive RPM. Besides, there are a lot of good Parilla engines in people's trailers that can be bought for low prices right now." The goal of using the spec gear is to keep the engine RPMs under 16,500.

The spec gear formula is as follows:

For a kart/driver with a minimum weight of 370#, the only gears the racer can use will be 10-75 or 11-82. For a minimum 385# kart/driver, the spec gears will be 10-76 or 11-83. And for a kart/driver of 400# or more, the spec gears will be 10-77 or 11-85.

The sliding scale of the weights and gears will allow drivers of various weights to compete with each other and will be adjusted based on input from the competitors.

The IAME TaG class is open to Parilla Leopard 2008 and earlier engines in "stock' configuration or engines that were built to the IKF National Cup specs. "Stock" 09 engines will also be allowed to run.

Italian Motors has stepped up to sponsor the class at the Red Line Oil Karting Championship. A new 09 engine will be given away at the end of the year to one of the top three drivers in the class. Additionally, Italian motors is giving away certificates towards TaG parts purchases to the top three drivers at each race: $50 certificate for the winner, $25 for 2nd place and $15 for 3rd place.

So if you have one of those Parillas that you would like to race again, the IAME TaG class at the Red Line Oil Karting Championship series may be the place for you. The next Red Line Oil series races are April 11th and May 23rd at the Jim Russell International Karting Center at Infineon Raceway. There are still seven more races left in the 2010 season, giving everyone a chance at the Parilla 09 year end award.

For more information about the IAME TaG class, go to www.cameronkarting.com or contact race director Ric Shaw at racedirector-ric@hotmail.com .

The Red Line Oil Karting Championship is also supported by the following sponsors with over $20,000 of prizes available to the racers.

425 Motorsports