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CKI Support Program for First Time Entrants


Article by: championshipkartracing.com

In an unprecedented move that supports karters and teams at the local and regional levels, Championship Karting International (CKI) has announced an exciting new support program for first-time entrants at the upcoming national event, the WSK North American Series by CKI at New Castle Motorsports Park on April 9-11. Drivers who have never attended a CKI event can be eligible for a support program that will pay their entry fees at their local or regional home program for the balance of the 2010 season.

At the completion of the New Castle event, the total points will be tabulated for each of the first time entrants. Of those, the top ten (10) drivers in weekend points will receive the award. CKI will sponsor those ten drivers for the 2010 racing season with either; one entry fee per event for their local club series (up to seven events), one entry fee per event for a regional series (up to five events), or one entry per event for the remaining four races in the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup Series.

“CKI has always supported local and regional programs with our Race Lives Near You program,” says Kevin Williams of CKI. “We’ve taken this theme a bit further by channeling funds back into the programs our drivers run back in their home areas. It’s a win-win for many levels of our great sport, and the acceptance in the sport has been tremendous.”

The new support program also allows teams to bring drivers to experience the high-level of a CKI event that may have been cost-prohibitive before the program was initiated.

“This program helps our race teams build a stronger base of drivers at the first level of karting while introducing them to the CKI national level of races once they are ready,” states Csaba Bujdoso of Checkered Motorsports –PCR.

Dave Davies of SSC East commented, “In these tough economic times, this program provides the opportunity for more drivers to participate not just on a national level, but on a local and regional level as well.”

“Being affiliated with a race series that supports drivers from the national level all the way to the club level follows our company’s goals and vision,” stated Mike Tetreault of Grand Products.

After the ten selected drivers return home to their local region, CKI will submit their entry fees to the local tracks and regions they select, supporting the tracks and local regions the drivers participate at. CKI will also remain in contact with the recipients to continue their support for the balance of the 2010 season.

“A program that not only rewards first-time entrants competing at the top level but supports the local and regional programs by encouraging those racers to return to their roots is a winning combination for all levels of karting,” stated Dan Schlosser of Turn 1 Pro Sports and Karting Director of BeaveRun Motorsports Complex.

“Fantastic! It’s nice to see someone thinking out of the box to benefit the local racer,” quoted Stacey Cook of Grand Junction Motor Speedway.

“CKI’s Race Team Support Program provides the opportunity for our racers to compete at a national level while continuing their ongoing participation at our local club,” echoed Tony Schroeder of Homestead Karting.

“Rewarding the club racer by sponsoring free entry fees is a great way to support the drivers that make up the backbone of the sport,” stated Mike Adams of New Castle Motorsports Park.

Championship Karting International continues its support and will introduce programs at all levels as it prepares for its season, the WSK North American Series by CKI. Championship Karting International begins its 2010 National Schedule with its first event April 9-11, 2010 at New Castle Motorsports Park. For entry and more information, visit www.ChampionshipKartRacing.com

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