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Italian Motors USA to Sponsor IAME TaG Class


Italian Motors USA to sponsor IAME TaG class in the Red Line Oil Karting Championship

A new class has been added to the Red Line Oil Karting Championship line up this year. The class is IAME TaG. Unlike the past TaG classes that have run at the Jim Russell International Karting track at Infineon Raceway; this new class will focus on lowering the costs of running the popular Parilla Leopard engine. Race #1 of the 2010 season is this coming Sunday, March 21.

To help support the racers, Italian Motors USA has stepped up to sponsor this class in 2010. Italian Motors owner Claudio Valiante has contributed a new 2009 spec Parilla Leopard engine to be given away to a driver in the series. Determination of how to present the engine prize has not yet been finalized but expect an announcement soon. In addition, Italian Motors certificates for IAME parts will be given out at each race in the following amounts: 1st place, $50; 2nd place, $25; and 3rd place $15.


"The objective is to help make this TaG Parilla class less costly than in the past but yet have a competitive class that will bring back the fun of TaG racing" says series promoter Steve Cameron. One of the ways is to use a spec gear/weight ratios that will help lower the RPMs the Parilla engine turns. The desired maximum RPM goal is 16,500 RPMs. This has been used with good success at other series in the US and will be applied at the Red Line Oil Series for 2010. After each race the spec gear formula will be evaluated to determine if improvements can be made to help achieve the lower RPM objective as well as to assure competitive racing.

The spec gear to be used for Race #1 will be as follows:

Kart/driver weight of 370#, spec gear to be 10-75 or 11-82

Kart/driver weight of 385#, spec gear to be 10-76 or 11-83

Kart/driver weight of 400#, spec gear to be 10-77 or 11-85

The sliding scale of the weights and gear allow drivers of various weights to compete with each other. If the number of karts over 400# approaches 10 entries per race, a separate heavy class will be considered.

The IAME TaG class is open to Parilla Leopard engines only. Older National Cup spec engines will be allowed to run as well as the more current stock spec 08 and 09 engines. Tires will be Bridgestone YKC, fuel VP98 and oil to be Red Line Two Cycle Kart Oil. Burris Hi-Rev Castor oil and YHC tires will be allowed for Race #1.

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