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WSK Series Adds Randy Kugler to Staff


The WSK North American Series presented by CKI is pleased to announce that they have added long-time industry leader Randy Kugler to their staff. As a well known member of the sport of karting, Kugler will assist the Championship Karting International (CKI) program with their marketing efforts and regional outreach program of ‘The Race Lives Near You’.

“Randy is a great ambassador to the sport of karting and we are happy to have him aboard with the CKI team,” stated WSK North American Series Director of Operations Kevin Williams. “Working with the team, Randy will help promote CKI and the sport of karting throughout the 2010 racing season.”

Randy will work with the WSK North American Series presented by CKI by providing sponsor relations with current and potential supporters of the series. Working on selling sponsorship both in and outside the sport of karting, Kugler will help promote the CKI program throughout the United States. One of Mr. Kugler’s major areas of concentration will be the regional outreach program of ‘The Race Lives Near You’ where he will work with regional programs to help grow the sport. With the recently announced incentive program, Kugler will ensure that all aspects of the program are in place as money is channeled to the grassroots of the sport of kart racing.

“I am happy and obviously very excited about the opportunity the WSK North American Series and CKI have provided me,” stated Randy Kugler. “Karting is a passion of mine and I would like to see nothing but the sport of karting to grow. I will work with the teams, sponsors, competitors and fans of CKI as well as the regional programs throughout the United States and help achieve the short and long term goals that have been put in place by the series.”

With a very good business background and multiple contacts throughout the world of motorsports, Kugler is a perfect fit for the position. With one of the most recognizable faces in the sport of karting, Kugler will be nothing but a positive to the CKI crew.

Championship Karting International completes its 2010 CKI Florida Cup presented by Supertune USA and DeFrancesco Racing next weekend, March 12-14 at the Homestead Karting Complex in Southern Florida. Series Champions in all divisions will be crowned. Rotax Category Champions will be awarded automatic transfers to the 2010 US Rotax Nationals as well as the Rotax Senior title winner will walk away with a brand new 2010 Mazda 3. Champions of KF3 and KF2 categories will receive free entry to the WSK World Series event at New Jersey Motorsports Park in late July while the TaG Senior title holder will receive entries into the entire 2010 WSK North American Series presented by CKI. For entry and more information, visit www.ChampionshipKartRacing.com.

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