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Rotax Pan Am Challenge Opens Registration/New Site


Article by: rotaxpanam.com


Palm Springs, CA- Pan American Series officials announce the opening of the registration site for the first Pan American weekend at MSR Houston is open. www.rotaxpanam.com

Registration is available for:
DD 2
DD 2 Masters
Mini Max
Micro Max

Entries include a weekend package of tires, fuel, oil, drivers event pit pass, Friday practice and 1 pit spot. The online registration form also allows drivers to order additional fuel, oil and tires for practice days.

The event official first day is Friday April 23. Practice is available in the days leading to the event, for information about track availability participants should contact Kart Nation offices at MSR Houston;
Telephone is (281) 383-9328 or by email stuart@kartnationatmsr.com .

Additional information about the Pan American Series can be found at www.rotaxmaxchallenge.com/panamerican/

The Rotax Pan American Challenge is proud to announce the launch of the new website - www.RotaxPanAm.com. This is the official site of the new international series. In the tradition of the successful Rotax Euro and Asia Challenge, the Pan American Challenge is the first ever Official Pro Rotax Series in the western hemisphere. The series will be the host to the best drivers in the world. Drivers will be competing for one of seven seats to the Rotax Grand Finals. The series features Arrive and Drive Packages for international and domestic drivers from multiple chassis manufacturers in order to decrease traveling cost for competitors.

New Site features:

Race Registration - with Early Registration discounts up to $100 off
Series Rules and Points System
Arrive and Drive Packages - All packages are the same price you just choose your preferred chassis and show up ready to race
List of Accommodations Near Each Track

Article Credit: rotaxpanam.com
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