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NW Gold Cup Max Challenge Update


There have been a few changes come down our way in the last week. Spec Gearing will be required by all Micromax and Minimax drivers this year. It is mandatory as per Don Moormeister, National Tech Director. All Rotax Drivers must be a Rotax Member. They have lowered the yearly menbership to $35.00/year. We will have forms at the Tri-Cities Race and mail them in for you if you would like, or you can go online and download the form.. At the top right hand on the form, the series will be listed as NW Gold Cup Max Challenge.

We are having discussions about fuel as we speak. There is some concern the alcohol in Chevron premium pump gas can damage the motors. I have talked with two motor builders on this subject and the both disagree with this statement.

We have decided the Spec Gas for Rotax will be Chevron 92 octane. The spec Gas Station will be in Richland for the first two Gold Cup/Max Challenge races in Richland, WA Below is the physical address for the gas to be purchased. Spec Oil will be Amsoil Dominator mixed at 32:1 ratio The oil will be available to all racers at the registration trailer all weekend.
Tires will Be Mojo 450's for Micromax/MiniMax and 450/710 for Rotax Jr/Sr/Masters classes. These will be available trackside at the registration trailer as well.

On another note, the Canadian drivers are not required to join the US Rotax Mambership.

We will keep everyone posted and have a decision on fuel by the end of this week.

Article Credit: NWK news
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