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PGP Garage Units Have Arrived!


The first of PGP’s Garage Units have arrived thanks to the support of NW Container Services, Inc. Two of these initial units are available immediately and we are taking orders for the next 4 that will be delivered this month. These on-site garages are for storage of racing and recreational equipment specific to the circuit. The garage units are conveniently located next to the paddock and are approximately 9’x10’ in size, have room for a bench and overhead cabinetry, secured with US built roll up doors and can have optional power and lighting. Each section is separated internally by chain link fencing and the grounds at PGP have on-site security. The garages are available on an annual basis and the units can be shared by 2 people.  Annual rate is $1,800.00 ($150.00 per month). Pre-orders also have first opportunity at garage location and have the first right of refusal from year to year. If a deposit is taken on a future unit, delivery will be within 30 days of this deposit and the rental period does not start until unit has been delivered.

??The Pacific Northwest has long needed a facility like Pacific Grand Prix and these garage units both enhance your usage of the facility and give you the flexibility to come and go with ease. PGP will also offer an additional service if you want us to prepare your equipment and have it ready for you upon arrival. Details of these programs will be available immediately.

??There will only be a limited number of garages on the property so order now while there are units available. For more information please contact Paul at paul@pacificgp.com or call him at 206.390.9858.

Article Credit: Pacificgp.com
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