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Bordogna Engines Fast in Prokart and Prairie City


The Bordogna engines continued performing upfront in every race and at every track this season like the previous 6 years.

At the Prokart Season Opener Competing in the HPV2 class, Bordogna engines finished one, two, three in the 1st heat, with Dan Langon, Jack Freese and Jonny Norris, drivers who are using 3 different chassis brand and different setups.

In the second heat, the same drivers finished 2nd at only 0.01 sec to the winner and 3rd, Norris had bad luck at the main event, starting the race almost 2 rows behind the leader, Jonny Norris did a great race catching the leader every lap, and finishing in the final 2nd place.

At Prairie City, last weekend, Bordogna Engines had another great day in the Cadet divisions, placing Bordogna Race Engines one, two, three on the heat in comer, and 1st and second in HPV1, with Hunter Kelly winning the main on Comer, and Nick Sommers taking the championship points ahead in HPV1.

Bordogna Racing Engines wants to say Thanks to Prokart Challenge and All Stars Karting (Prairie City new Owners) for a clean and professional organized events. Obviously, Congratulations to our drivers for this great beginning of the season.

If you are looking for fast engines, and the best track support, feel free to contact Daniel Bordogna, (916)256-0385 or visit www.bordogna.us

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