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Membership Activation for USRMC Grand Nationals


Membership activation for Grand Nationals participation and USRMC National Points credit

Driver is required to be a Club Rotax member before punches will count toward qualifying for the US-RMC GN.

The 2010 season has already started with the WSK-Championship Karting International Florida Cup. Other series have also begun the season. It is imperative that all racers understand that in order to receive credit for their participation towards USRMC Grand Nationals qualification and USRMC National Points the membership must be active as of the date of the event. If the membership has not been submitted then a application should be submitted online during the weekend at www.rotaxmaxchallenge.com or obtain a printed application from your series officials. Series officials receive a updated membership list every Friday beginning March 5 th , 2010. If you do have a question pertaining to your membership you can contact us at:

rmaxnrd@gmail.com rmaxmemberadmin@gmail.com

Or Contact Bill Hettick at: wghrock@comcast.net

Email is monitored throughout all weekends and we will respond within 24 hours.

Marshall Martin
Rotax Program Director
United States Rotax Max Challenge

Article Credit: Marshall Martin
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