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I-5 Corridor Series Primer


Welcome to the new I-5 Corridor Series combining the 2 finest race circuits in the entire Northwest with the most experienced Officials who have promoted and organized kart events nationally in the last 10 years. The I-5 Corridor Series will provide our competitors with streamlined classes, maximum track time, quality fields, smooth and technical circuits, and a consistently fair playing field void of politics. Perhaps the best feature of this series however is the tremendous value only we can offer for a multi-track tour. Racers and families will be rewarded with substantially reduced travel costs, yet be treated to the two most prestigious tracks. The I-5 Corridor Series is real racing that can’t be missed.

Series Elements:

Licensing –
Both PARC and PGP will recognize and honor each other’s annual memberships. One or the other is all that is required to participate in the series. For those competitors that do not want to have to join under either facility, a $25.00 per event day fee will be collected at each event.

Classes –
*Stock Honda:
*Open Shifter utilizing ICC and built Honda engines:
Masters (and see if any show, can run with Rotax Masters)

There will be combining of common classes or classes with similar performance such as: Honda Heavy/Open – Rotax/TaG Senior – Rotax/TaG Junior. This will only occur when class counts are smaller. The goal of this series is to have no more than 6 categorized segments to maximize track time for everyone.
Kids Karts will be allowed within the down time of regular event day.

Rules and Regulations –
*All Moto classes will be run utilizing the SKUSA rulebook. The I-5 Series would like to recognize and thank SKUSA for this authorized use of their rules. The exception to these rules is tires and oil as detailed within this primer.
*All Rotax classes will run per National Rotax Max Challenge Series Rules.
*All TaG classes will run per SKUSA TAG rules.

Fees –
Entry Fee
*$75.00 pre-entry per event day ($150.00 weekend).
*$90.00 after pre-entry cutoff per event day.

Format –
*2 morning practice sessions.
*A full 10 minute qualifying session per group with open hot pit lanes.
*Pre Final - 8 miles in length.
*Final – 12 miles in length.
*The six best accumulated finishing results count toward championship.

Dates –
Race Event One & Two – May 15-16 PARC Mid Configuration
Race Event Three & Four – June 19-20 PGP Counterclockwise
Race Event Five & Six – Aug 21-22 PGP Clockwise
Race Event Seven & Eight – Sept 11-12 PARC Long Configuration

Tires –
Spec tire for the series is the Maxxis HG3.
Rotax class will run the MOJO D2.

Fuel –
All classes VP98 Motorsport except Rotax.
Rotax will run Chevron Supreme.

Oil –
All classes Maxima 927 Castor, Dumonde Castor or Synthetic, Motul 27 800 Synthetic except Rotax.
Rotax will run Motul 800 2T

Personnel –
Key Officials will be the same at every event in order to ensure consistency between venues.
Technical Director, Mark Winn.
Competition Director, to be named.

Announcer: Terry Bridges will announce at P.A.R.C., but due to scheduling conflicts cannot announce at the P.G.P. races.

Points – Awarded utilizing the SKUSA distribution scale.

Awards –
Trophies will be presented for 1st – 3rd finishing positions

Forms on line –
*Entry Form
*Tech form
*Pit Space Request (first come first served, must be submitted at the same time of entry)
*Event schedule
PARC and PGP Memberships
Information can be found by clicking on the I-5 Series logo on either website.

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