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Hammer Nutrition Winter Series Round 4 @ PGP


This Sunday is the 4th round of the Hammer Nutrition Winter Series at PGP. The weather outlook is favorable with continued unseasonably warm temperatures and only a slight chance of rain showers through the day. All in all, pretty decent conditions for a winter race. With the increased participation and quality of the depths of our fields, A great day of racing will be had.

For those of you entered in any of our classes, remember that we will be hosting the complimentary Valentine’s Day Grudge Match at our lunch hour. Winners get an overnight stay in downtown Seattle at one of the city’s most prestigious hotels. During the lunch hour, any registered competitor - guys or gals - will get to race one of our 42 mph rental karts against their fellow competitors. The format is a 6 lap shootout on the large track in the clockwise direction. Finishing positions will be tallied and for the second element to this race your significant other will be gridded in your finishing position. Another 6 lap shootout will take place and the first one to cross the finish line in this second event wins the overnight stay. Please notify us ASAP if you plan to take part in this special event so we can prepare accordingly.

Spectators, the first round of heat racing starts right at 1:00 PM and the mains start at 2:30 PM. We will again have the hilltop viewing open and we do not charge for spectating. Should you want to enter into the pits, there is a $10 fee for this.

Classic Catering will NOT be available for this event only. Please plan accordingly with your breakfast and lunch needs. All events after this weekend will have a full accompaniment of food services.

Pacific Grand Prix now has VP 98 Fuel on hand for retail sales.

Remember that we have a huge inventory of the Maxxis HG3 Tires on hand @ just $175 per set. This is a great tire that is comparable in performance and wear at a substantially reduced cost to the other tire manufacture’s that you may be using.

Anyone that wants to give our Rental Kart Racing a try, we will be hosting the 4th round of this very exciting and challenging event on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. It is a great way to get some extra seat time and also is a lot of fun to go out and race side by side in identical karts.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. See you at the track!
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