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IKF Region 11 Super Series Recap


IKF Region 11 Super Series Kicks off Season at Blue Max

Article By: Race Media Group

The IKF Region 11 Norcal Super Series opened up at the Blue Max Kart Club in Davis, Ca this past weekend for the 2010 Season opener. The weather slammed the Track hard with rain the week leading up to the event providing wet conditions and major puddles on the track. The Clubs staff worked hard Friday and early Saturday clearing up the standing water on the track while funneling the Racers rigs into the pits. Truck loads of road base had been brought in throughout the weeks leading up to the season opener and the weekend before providing a dry environment for parking. As soon as the rainy weather stopped Saturday morning, the crew once again got on the track pumping water and blowing the track to allow practice to begin. Mid day another rain storm came in and, as soon as the rained stopped, the Blue Max staff again prepared the track and dried the water to get the karts back on track. New faces leading the NCTA board and new classes filled the attitude in the pits with optimism as the racers look for a new start to what looks to be another strong Regional racing contingent.

First on the track was Kid karts. Zach Corbitt grabbed fast time running a 51.101. On the start of the Pre-Final Tomas Mejia launched off the line to grab the hole shot and the lead. Mejia paced the field for much of the race before Corbitt ran him down and made the pass for the win and the pole in the Main. On the Start of the Final Mejia once again launched to the lead on the start. Corbitt had the better kart to run down the leader and made the pass for the lead. Zach pulled away to a big lead and cruised to victory. Isaiah Ingle got second with Mejia third.

Jr Comer was on track and Blaine Rocha got fast time with a 41.538. Rocha looked to be the driver to beat in the heat, but Teamate Joseph LaRosa stayed close and quiet to start on the front row with Rocha. On the pace laps of the Final Rocha was struck with some bad luck as his Wild Kart stalled and ended his day on the sidelines. This moved Davey Manthei up to the front row for the start. The opening laps saw LaRosa and Tyler Burk go to the front as the two began to pull away from the field. Burk stayed close to LaRosa and as the white flag flew the two leaders were battling for the win. Burk made a diving late braking pass on LaRosa into the turn five corkscrew, only for LaRosa to do an over-and-under move to pull back alongside Burk going down the backstretch. The two drivers went side by side into the final hairpin with Burk on the outside. Burk got squeezed into the grass and spun around coming to the Checkered. LaRosa got the win and Manthei made a great drive from seventh to capture second place. The Spin for Burk dropped him back to third.

IKF Tag Sr was up and Neil Alberico grabbed fast time with a 36.530. On the start of the Pre-Final Alberico and Emmick Cobra’s Jesse Gwin made contact in the opening lap sending the two to the tail end of the field. This allowed IKF Expert Glenn McKinnon to runaway with an easy win that saw Local Driver TJ Fischer running fast laps late cutting into the lead significantly, and looked to be a hard fought race in the main. The first start of the final saw a big wreck in turn one that sent Emmick Cobra’s Jesse Gwin to the ambulance. The restart had bad luck for Fischer who wouldn’t make a lap and McKinnon back to a big lead. As laps progressed Alberico coming from the sixth starting spot ran down McKinnon and made the pass for the win. Post race tech had Alberico removed for a weight bolt technicality and gave the win to McKinnon. Andrew Peeler was second and Emmick Cobra’s Paul Hohlbein third.

Formula 80 shifter was racing and Mat Kattanek grabbed pole with a 37.678. Kattanek went perfect on the day with a PreFinal win and the Final. John Espinor had a solid run to second with MMI’s Chuck Hastings third.

The new Jr 2 class in 2010 was the Jr Superpipe. What use to be known as Superbox, the engines are now equipped with a Pipe. Times are about a half second faster and Jr Raczko got fast time with a 38.426. Raczko looked to have this one wrapped up in the PreFinal with a dominating win, however that would prove to be untrue in the Final. On the start Luis Tyrrell made the pass of the day. After the front row getting moved Back, Tyrrell would start outside second row. Tyrrell got the jump on the driver next to him, moved to the inside line and put a slide job pass on Raczko to get the lead out of the first turn. Tyrrell would cruise to a big victory for the first Jr Superpipe race. Raczko was second and Leading Edge’s Jarred Campbell third.

The pipe change in Jr was followed by the same change in Sr. Sr Superpipe. Sr Superpipe took the track with Emmick Cobra’s Clayton Snow making the recent jump to Emmick Cobra and a fast time of 38.821. Snow made a mistake in the opening lap dropping him to the tail end of the field. This allowed Leading Edge’s Brett Felkins to get a big lead early and an easy win. Snow climbed back up to second late to start on the front row for the Main. Once again however, Snow found himself dropping to the tail end of the field after a spin into the turn one barriers on the start. Felkins once again checked out and cruised to victory. Clayton Snow once again clawed his way back up into second. Mike Botelho Jr came home third.

HPV-1 Jr was up next and Tyler Burk grabbed fast time with a 40.158. Burk was tough all day holding off his competition and staying at the point. In the Final Blaine Rocha put up a fight for the win. The two swapped the lead several times going back and forth without contact. As the laps wound down Burk got the lead for the final time. However, he was challenged by Rocha right to the flag as the two drag raced to the checkered for the win. Rocha settled for second with Davey Manthei third.

125 Stock Moto has been trying to become an IKF Region 11 class for the last three years. In the latest NCTA meeting the new leaders voted in the class for regional competition. The seven kart field was on track and 80 shifter hot shoe Adam Booker grabbed fast time with a 34.970. Emmick Cobra’s Cory Gwin got the hole shot on the start of the PreFinal . Booker pressured Gwin for most of the race until a transmission problem sidelined him. Cambrian Go-kart’s Jamie Wilson and Jereme abshire caught Gwin late setting up an epic Norcal Shifter battle for the Final. On the start of the main Gwin again launched to the lead off the line. Gwin had a good sized lead as Wilson and Abshire did battle for second. Abshire got passed Wilson and began to run down Gwin. The race for the win came down to attrition and Abshire made his way past the leader to roll to victory. Post Race tech saw Abshire get removed giving the Win to Gwin. Jamie Wilson was second and Rick Gutzke was third.

Last on the day was HPV-2 and MMI’s Blake Murdock got pole with a 37.809. Murdock had trouble on the start and Austin Elliott went for the lead in a hurry. Leading Edge’s Jarred Campbell made the Heat interesting late and caught Elliottt as the two would start on the front row together. On the start of the Final, Elliott opened up a big lead on the field leaving the rest of the racers to battle for second. As the race progressed Austin Elliott appeared to tire and the driver on the move was Emmick Cobra’s Sonny Cervelli. Driving from nearly three seconds of the leader, Cervelli ran down Elliott and the two began to battle with 5 laps to go. Cervelli looked for a way by but the defensive driving by Austin Elliott kept him at the point and eventually got him the win. Cervelli was second with Blake Murdock third.

Next race is at Kinsmen Kart club as the Region 11 Super Series will compete in its second race. Many racers are looking to expand their racing the next race with some drivers running two and maybe three classes. Race Photo’s are now available online at scribnerracingpromotions.zenfolio.com For more info on the Region 11 Super Series visit the Region 11 site at Norcalkarters.com

Article Credit: RaceMediaGroup.com
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