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Money Race at Pacific Raceways!!


Pacific Raceways Presents Money Race

Date: March 20-21
Time: Saturday: Gates open at 7:00am, Racing 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: Gates open at 8:00am, Racing 9:00am - 5:00pm
Purse: $10,000.00

Money Classes:
Rotax Max Unlimited / FKE III TAG Heavy 80cc Laydown Formula 125 Formula 125 Limited Heavy Super Stock CR 125 Intercontinental - E Briggs World Formula Heavy Briggs World Formula Medium

All of the above classes will pay 1st - 3rd 1st $600.00 2nd $300.00 3rd $100.00

Trophy Only Classes for 1st - 3rd:
Rotax Max Jr. Yamaha KT100S Light TAG Junior Yamaha KT100S Heavy 125cc - 150cc Open /FKE II TAG Light Rotax Max Light TAG Enduro FKE I Formula 125 Limited Super Stock CR 125 Heavy WC Super Stock CR 125

Racer Entry Fee:
Pre Register Fee - $275.00 First Class, $50.00 for each additional class Day of entry - $300.00 first class, $60.00 for each additional class

Overnight parking is available

Any questions call 253-639-5927
See www.pacificraceways.com for event rules

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