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2009 USRMC National Points Top 10 – DD2 / Masters


Presentation of the 2009 USRMC National Points Championship Top 10 – DD2 / DD2 Masters

Article By: Marshall Martin

The 2009 DD2 and DD2 Masters is the last of 6 classes for our top 10 presentations. The numbers in this class have never been huge but the completion is just as intense as any other class. At the 2009 Grand Nationals DD2 drivers provided one of the most exciting finishes. Troy Castaneda, our 2009 USRMC National Points Champion finishing 2nd at the Grand Nationals and battled for the win right to the finish line. At the Rotax Grand Finals in Egypt made the drive of the event in the final from 34th after a crash in the Pre-Final, to finish 5th against the best in the world. Joining Troy in the Top 10 are Nevada driver Kyle Gimple and Matt Ostiguy a fellow Californian.

With the addition of a Masters classification we find that 7 of our top 10 coming from the Masters group with Jim Russell Series driver David Arnstein the DD 2 Masters Champion. Second place in the Masters group is well know DD2 driver January Grove a veteran in this class and a competitor at the 2006 Rotax Grand Finals.

Looking towards the 2010 Championship race the DD 2 Masters will be listed as a separate classification as the weight for this class has been increased and a new DD 2 Masters class has also been included for competition at the Rotax Grand Finals. We look for this group to show the largest increase in numbers in the new season.

Congratulations to all of the 2010 USRMC Top 10 DD2 drivers.

Troy Castaneda
Sacramento, CA
Jim Russell Northern California Rotax Challenge

Before racing I was a competitive gymnast. I was a State Champion and represented Northern California as an “All-Star” team member for many years. I trained and competed for 12 years until I tore my hamstring at the State Finals in 2004. The following two years I pole vaulted for my high school as a junior and senior. In only two short years, I achieved a personal record of 15 feet which was good enough for the 3rd highest jump in my high schools’ history. The last two years of high school I also began racing karts. In 2005, at the age of 15, I won the first race of the season. During the year I won several more races, but due to schooling conflicts I fell short of the Championship. In 2006, I competed once again in Rotax Senior, but this time at the end of the year I was crowned Champion. The following year, I began racing in Formula Russell in which I finished 4th in the Championship in my first year of formula car racing. In pursuit of reaching my goal of racing in Formula 1, I moved to Italy in 2008 to compete in a new series called Formula Master as I was picked up by an Italian team. In my first European race weekend I finished in the top 5 posting competitive times. I was/am extremely proud of my results there. Unfortunately, due to the failing economy I had no more monetary support and was forced to move back to the States. While in Italy, I learned Italian and a lot about life as I was living on my own for the first time. It was an amazing experience. This year I began racing DD2 to continue my passion and my dream…

Kyle Gimple
Minden, NV
Jim Russell Northern California Rotax Challenge

Hometown San Luis Obispo, CA (Currently living in Minden, NV) Racing career spans the last 10 years
2009-2010 Racing Season
Currently running in the 2009-2010 Skip Barber Western Regional Championship Series where I am currently 1st in points with three 1st place finishes, two 2nd place finishes and one 3rd place finish.
Raced in the 2009 25 Hours of Thunderhill with Team Frost Racing and finished 15th in class and 49th overall after engine and transmission problems
Raced in the NorCal Jim Russell Rotax series and finished 2nd in points.
Completed the 2-day Advanced Road Racing class at Bondurant Racing School in the C6 Corvette.
2008-2009 Racing Season
Raced in the 2008-2009 Skip Barber Western Regional Championship Series. Finished 3rd in the championship and won Rookie of the Year.
Raced in the NorCal Jim Russell Rotax series and finished 4th in points even after missing 3 races.
Finished 10th in the Rotax DD2 class at the Rotax Grand Nationals in Wisconsin.
Completed the 3-day Advanced Road Racing at the Bondurant Racing School in the C6 Corvette
Completed the 3-day Jim Russell Advance Racing course (JRCS50)
Earlier Racing
2006-2008: Competed in an 80cc shifter kart, the senior Rotax class, and a 125 cc shifter kart.
2007: Completed the 4-day Grand Prix Road Racing course at Bondurant Racing School in the C5 Corvette.
2005-2006: Competed in the Jr. Rotax class
2002-2005: Raced the 85cc Jr. Puma kart at various tracks, including Infineon and Stockton.
2003: Completed the Jim Hall Kart Racing School
2001-2002: Competed in the Jim Russell Arrive and Drive Race Series
2000-2001: Completed the Jim Russell Beginning and Advanced Karting classes

2009 DD2 Masters National Champion:

David Arnstein (Master)
Los Gatos, CA
Jim Russell Northern California Rotax Challenge

Occupation: Surgeon Age 57
Awards: 2008 Jim Russell NorCal Rotax DD2 Champion
2008 Jim Russell Grand Masters Driver of the Year
Other Racing Experience: Mountain Bikes
David is a 57 year old physician who has been racing Rotax for 4 years in the Senior class and the last 2 years in the DD2 class. He enjoys the close competition in Rotax classes and running against kids considerably less than half his age.

January Grove (Master)
San Jose, CA
Jim Russell Northern California Rotax Challenge

Medusa Racing DD2/CRG
Mechanic Ron Bennett
1st Place 2009 USRMC Grand Nationals DD2 Masters

Racing has been a passion in my life from even before I began karting. As a little girl I used to compete with the neighbor kids in riding everything on wheels; from big wheels to skateboards down the steep hill of our street. Eventually we teamed into small groups and built our own vehicles out of wood boxes, wheels and rudimentary steering apparatus. While these adventures often ended up crashed into neighbors yards or worse at the bottom on the hill, I never lost the thrill or desire to go fast.
Much later in life, I discovered Go-Kart racing while on vacation in Thailand. It was love at the first lap. Upon returning to the United States, I went to work to seek out Go-Kart racing opportunities at home in Northern California. I attended several Go-Kart driving schools such as Terri Ives at Prairie City, Jim Hall in Ventura, Russell at Sears Point, Reno and The Las Vegas Karting Center. I drove everything from KT100’s to 125 shifters. I was hooked.
Around this time, an indoor track opened up near where I worked. After many evenings of practice I captured the track record and held it for 2 years until I moved onto outdoor karting. I most enjoyed competing in the indoor team endurance races and joined a 9-month series on an indoor corporate racing team. Our team took the top spot on the podium at the end of the season and first prize was a 3 day course at Russell Driving School in their Formula Mazda racing cars. It was time to move to karting outdoors.
I was already a “master” in terms of driving age when Ron Bennett and I purchased our first Rotax on a CRG Chassis, formed a team called Medusa Racing and began racing in the later half of 2003. My reason for choosing the Rotax series was two fold: first that it is a national series with the opportunity to compete on an international level. Second, the motors are sealed which promotes a level playing field where the drivers are responsible for the performance during the race, rather than the modifications and finances that an engine builder makes on the motor.
In our first race ever, the Western Regional Rotax Challenge in Reno, I took 4th place after a crash in the early stages of the race where I broke 2 ribs - though I did not know it at the time. In our first full season in 2004, I earned a spot in my first Rotax National event placing 5th overall in the RM1 class. My goal was to compete in the Rotax Max World Championship. We realized this goal in 2006, after two grueling and thrilling events; the West Regional (August in the Mojave desert) where I took 4th in DD2 and a rainy event at the US Nationals at Road America; where I fought my way in a gritty race to 6th place in DD2. This earned us the final spot on the US team to compete at the World Final in Portugal.
Now I’m simply a lady with a purple team, racing among men many of whom are half my age. I’m not the fastest but I can still be competitive and am certainly a consistent driver. I still love to go fast.

Henry Malukas (Master)
Chicago Ridge, IL
MRP Rmax Challenge

Henry Malukas Home Track Michiana Raceway Park
MRP DD2/Birel
The Father half of a Top 10 team is spurred on by the success of his son. Anyone who races with a son or daughter knows they are the primary focus on any given weekend, but Henry has still dominated the DD2 class at MRP. Not wanting to let anyone get the better of him on the track Henry won almost every race of the year. In 2010 the goal is compete with David, the Micro Max driver on the team, and enjoy the same level of success. Henry’s plans include another dominating year at MRP against the local DD2 competition and a shot at the US Grand Nationals.

Jeff Armant (Master)
Sherman Oaks, CA
Los Angles Kart Club

Jeff resides in the Los Angeles area and is an owner of a software company called Cogentys. He has been racing karts since the beginning of 2008 in the DD2 class. Prior to that, he spent 12 years on road courses doing various club events in street and track prepared cars. An avid fan of Formula 1 and most car racing, karting fulfills his passion for racing and need for speed!

Conrad Park (Master)
Corinth, TX
North Texas Karters (NTK)

Conrad Park has been racing karts since 2008 in the Rotax DD2 class on a CRG chassis. After racing little more than a year Conrad decided to participate in the 2009 US Rotax Grand Nationals. Conrad Park is a member of North Texas Karters and races at NTK club races and also at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex in the Southwest Regional Cup Series. Conrad is a cardiologist and resides in Corinth, TX.

David Moody (Master)
San Jose, CA
Jim Russell Northern California Rotax Challenge
#27 Rotax/Birel DD2 Sponsor: Cambrian Go-Karts. Karting 4 years
2009: 3rd place DD2 Masters in 2009 Rotax Grand Nationals.
6th in points DD2 2009 Norcal Rotax Max Challenge.
2008: 7th in points DD2 2008 Norcal Rotax Max Challenge.
2007: 4th in points TAG Masters Heavy 2007 Jim Russell Karting Championship Series.(1st win in karting)2006: 10th in points Tag Masters Heavy 2006 Jim Russell Karting Championship Series.

Henry Zajac (Master)
No Picture Available
Elk Grove Village, IL
MRP Rmax Challenge


Matthew Ostiguy
San Diego, CA
Gatorz Karting Cup

Matt Ostiguy is a 20 year-old San Diego native currently competing in the Rotax DD2 class. He began racing in 2003 at F1 Boston indoor kart facility in Braintree, Massachusetts. After finding much success through winning numerous races and two championships at F1 Boston, Matt moved to California where he first found out about Rotax competition in 2006. His first Rotax kart was a PTK long beach chassis from SSC West in Palm Springs California. Through racing this kart, Matt soon realized the greatness of the Rotax package. In 2007 and 2008 Matt raced both the Gatorz Golden State Karting Cup and the LAKC Championship in Senior Rotax utilizing a CRG Road Rebel. In both seasons Matt finished second in the championship at LAKC, and finished 7th and 5th in the Gatorz Karting Cup standings. For 2009, Matt wanted to expand his racing horizons and this came in the form of switching classes to the Rotax DD2 package. Aboard his CRG Dark Rider from the 2008 Grand Finals in Italy Matt won multiple races in the Gatorz Karting Cup and the overall championship. This season Matt also won both days of the Rotax Summer Shootout and had a 4th place finish at the Nationals. None of his racing success could be possible without the help of his Dad, tuner/mechanic Francois Doran, SSC West, Red Bull USA, Alpinestars, and PSL Karting.

The United States Rotax Max Challenge is organized and managed by SSC Racing, Palm Springs, CA. Over thirty local and regional series throughout the United States organize and manage official USRMC RMax Challenges with top competitors attending the annual USRMC Grand Nationals. At the USRMC Grand Nationals the top finishing drivers in the Junior Max, Senior Max and DD 2 classes will be awarded spots to the Rotax Grand Finals where World Champions will be crowned in these 3 premier classes. For more information about the US Rotax Max Challenge go to www.rotaxmaxchallenge.com. A complete list of Rotax distributors, dealers and series can be found on the appropriate pages. For complete standings of all competitors in the 2009 USRMC National Points Challenge go to; 2009 USRMC National Points Standings

For information how you can become a USRMC member and compete in the 2010 National Points Challenge and qualify to compete at the 2010 USRMC Grand Nationals send your request for information to Marshall Martin, USRMC Program Director, USRMC Member and Series Administration rmaxnrd@gmail.com

Article Credit: Rotaxmaxchallenge.com
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