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CKI Announces 2010 Class Structure for WSK Series


CKI Announces 2010 Class Structure for WSK North American Series
Article by: championshipkartracing.com

CKI is finalizing 2010 plans and is pleased to announce a revamped class structure for the WSK North American Series by CKI. While some of the current classes will remain in place and unchanged, a host of alterations and additions will be implemented to ensure the best possible racing platform for teams and drivers alike. With six classes at each and every event, the KF2 category will be the headline division while the KZ2 class will compete at three events.

“The 2010 class structure is something that we have been working on for quite sometime,” stated series Director of Operations Kevin Williams. “Looking to benefit the teams competing in our series and provide a platform for the greatest number of competitors, we have made the necessary changes for the upcoming season.”

The Comer Cadet class will remain on the 2010 WSK North American Series by CKI class structure virtually unchanged from 2009, utilizing WKA Regulations. The Cadet division provides some of the best racing on any given weekend as up and coming stars in the sport battle wheel-to-wheel for victories.

Joining the Comer Cadet class will be the Rotax Mini Max division. The addition of the Rotax class will allow drivers under the age of twelve to compete in two different classes at each and every national event weekend. The Rotax Mini Max class has seen unprecedented growth throughout the past seasons and will no doubt be one of the largest classes when the series kicks off in April.

Moving to the junior ranks, CKI will run the newly named Leopard Junior class in 2010. The class and the majority of the rules remain the same as 2009. Utilizing IAME Parilla Leopard motors only and a 25mm header, the Leopard Junior class will be a great stepping stone as drivers move through the karting ranks.

The second junior class to compete at the WSK North American Series by CKI will be the ultra competitive KF3 class. As one of the largest classes globally, the CKI program will continue to support the KF program as the class grows with each and every season of action. Additionally, CKI will allow the new homologation version motors to compete in 2010.

The KF2 class will be one of the WSK North American Series by CKI’s premiere division. Noted as a headline class and with some of the best drivers in North American planning on competing, the KF2 category, allowing the newly homologated motors, is sure to grow in size as the on track action will be second to none. Add in multiple teams and drivers from Europe that plan on racing for titles, the KF2 grid will boast some of the best of karting talents.

The biggest changes of the 2010 class structure for CKI will be in the senior ranks. The new CKI TaG Senior class will be introduced at the first event as the series will adopt the World Karting Association (WKA) regulations for the class. CKI TaG Senior will be open to drivers over the age of 15 and competitors will have the choice of four different motor packages. Legal for competition in CKI TaG Senior will be the IAME Parilla Leopard, Rotax, Vortex RoK TT and Sonik powerplants.

Williams added, “We listened to the racers and tried to provide the best class possible in the senior ranks. Understanding that racers own different motor packages across the country, we feel that we can group them into one class and have a true TaG division. The CKI TaG Senior class will utilize different weights depending on engine package to provide an equal and level playing field for all participants.”

While the above mentioned classes will compete at all six rounds of the WSK North American Series by CKI, the KZ2 class will run at select events. Understanding that there is still a market for gearbox racing in North America, CKI will offer the KZ2 class at the New Jersey Motorsport Park event, the August New Castle Motorsports Park race and the CKI Grand Championship at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Championship Karting International program and WSK North America Series by CKI will next see action with their second event in the first annual CKI Florida Cup presented by Supertune USA and DeFrancesco Racing. With the program taking place at the Homestead Karting Center just south of Miami, Florida, the Florida Cup Series will award more than $130,000.00 in cash and prizes including a brand new Mazda 3. For more information on the series, photos, results, news and up-to-date information, please visit www.ChampionshipKartRacing.com

The WSK North American Series by CKI is a six race program that ravels the United States providing a platform for North America’s best to display their racing talents. With importer supported teams, independent drivers as well as a mix of permanent and temporary courses, the CKI series provides a non-biased, professional racing series. With a lucrative prize structure, and strong promoting, CKI advances the careers of young drivers by helping promote them to the motorsports media and help them achieve their goal of professional stardom.

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