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Maxxis Named Spec Tire for New I-5 Corridor Series, Pacific Grand Prix

Seattle, WA (January 28th, 2010) – Pacific Grand Prix announced today an agreement with Goldspeed USA and Ribtect Products, Inc. to become the spec tire for the new PGP facility and its Stars of PGP karting events. Additionally, the Maxxis HG3 will be the spec tire for the new I-5 Corridor Series promoted in conjunction with Pat’s Acres in Canby, OR. Pacific Grand Prix is now the sole distributor of the Maxxis HG3 products for the Northwest Region defined as the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and the Province of British Columbia, Canada. A container of tires has already been delivered and inventory is available immediately.

“There are many advantages to the Maxxis product, especially in light of today’s economy,” states Paul Zalud, Principle of Pacific Grand Prix Motorsports Park. “At just $175.00 per set retail, we have substantially reduced overhead to the karting community while offering a product that is comparable in performance and wear,” Zalud continued. “And the recreational drivers now have a quality alternative to the more expensive brands they had to purchase by default.”

Maxxis is a very well known name in cycling, off road racing, in the automotive industry and other motorsports arenas. It is a very well known and respected name throughout the industry and karting will benefit from them as well.

“Ribtect and Goldspeed USA are very excited to be working with Paul Zalud and looking forward to an exciting future with his organizations,” states Robby Mott, Ribtect Principle. “We will continue to provide a great product at a great value and we appreciate this opportunity to showcase the Maxxis brand in such an upscale series.”

Dealers are welcome and already, Kart-O-Rama and Pat’s Acres are among the first to have inventory on hand.

“We believe that our customers wants and needs are changing and we are looking to give them exactly what they want”, stated Chris Egger of Pat’s Acres. “We are very excited about the new I-5 Corridor Series and our goal is to provide good, strong competition with a strong concern for travel expenses and equipment expenses as well as a focused class structure resulting in lots of track time. Maxxis and the I-5 Corridor Series will provide exactly that.”

Additional information on the I-5 Corridor Series will be announced immediately detailing the format, rules and regulations and costs. Additional information on Maxxis Tires can be found at www.pacificgp.com.

Article Credit: PGP
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