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USRMC National Points Championship Top 10 –Masters


The Masters class, seen by some as the gentlemen of the series, provides a unique level of racing. Not as aggressive as the Juniors and more conscious about getting up on Monday morning to go to work. But, if anyone thinks this attitude provides any less competitive racing, think again. What these fellows lack in aggressiveness they more than make up for in cunning and experience. If you leave a door open 4 or 5 of them will go thru it before you can blink. When you look at the roster of Masters Drivers you see names that seem like they have been around forever and some of them have. This is another class that touches all corners of the country. Leading the way is David Busby, a competitor at both the LAKC and Gatorz RMax Challenges. A couple of boys from Alabama come in second and third followed by drivers from California, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, New Hampshire and Georgia. A true national class, that always provides some unique racing. I should mention that our #6 driver Dave Gildersleeve is the elderly statesman of the group at age 63, but when he puts on the helmet don’t think his age will give you any advantage.

Congratulations to all of the 2010 USRMC Top 10 Masters drivers.

David Busby
Laguna Beach, CA
Los Angeles Kart Club

Started racing Speedway motorcycles at 9 years old. >Started Drag racing at 21, racing Top Alcohol Dragsters and Top Fuel Dragsters.
>Raced Vintage Formula one cars periodically from 2002 to 2005.
>Started racing Go karts in 2008. Broke Bonneville salt flats record in
>1932 Ford roadster at 200 mph as a rookie at 2009 World Finals.
I would like to thank Eric, Brandon and Terrance at BTK for helping me with the awesome Arrow X1 chassis that made #1 possible. Also want to thank my brother Jim Busby for leaving me no choice but to go fast and Ron Rossetti for helping me get to the grid on time.

Mark Sheffield
Florence, AL
BTK Rmax Challenge

Mark Sheffield – BTK/Bakers Creek Kart Club Series
Mark Sheffield is a 46-year old newcomer to the karting scene. Only racing for two seasons, Sheffield won the 2009 Bakers Creek Kart Club Rotax Masters Championship. In 2008, Sheffield won the Bakers Creek Kart Club Rotax Senior Championship. Also in ’08, he won the Two-Race Series Senior Championship between the Bakers Creek Kart Club and the Georgia Sprint Karting Series. From Florence, Alabama, Sheffield lives with his wife and daughter. Sheffield says, “Racing here at Bakers Creek has been a blast. Great people and one of the top kart tracks in the southeast. Couldn't ask for anything more.”

Mac McCormack
Athens, AL
BTK Rmax Challenge

Mack McCormack – BTK/Bakers Creek Kart Club Series
For the past 34 years, Mack McCormack has raced just about every kind of kart series there is whether it be 2-cycle sprint, 4-cycle sprint, road racing and even dirt racing. At 42-years old from Athens, Alabama, McCormack has achieved five of karting’s highest awards, the IKF Duffy—one in 1988, two in 1989 & two in 1990. Just as important, McCormack strapped a WKA National Championship in 1986. He has raced internationally—winning the Kartismo Championship in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (1989) and had a top 5 finish in the South Pacific Karting Championship in New Zealand (1990). In 2003, McCormack finished 5th finish in Rotax International at the Rotax Grand Nationals in Denton, Texas. In 2004, McCormack won TAG Masters at the Rock Island Grand Prix. Most recently, McCormack finished 4th at the 2008 Rotax Grand Nationals in Shawano, WI.

Steve Dzurilla
Cerritos, CA
Los Angeles Kart Club

I was introduced to racing at a young age by my parents who brought me to Nascar, F1, IMSA, Sprint Car and other road racing events around Southern California. I purchased my first kart and the age of 27 and began racing in the Sportsman class with the Los Angeles Kart Club. In 2004 I purchased a Tag motor before there was an official Tag class in the Southern California area and raced in the first ever Tag class at a IKF race at Moran Raceway. One month later Gatorz and Tri-c Karters adopted the Tag class and I raced in these two series throughout the year, including IKF Region 7.In 2006 I raced the entire IKF Region 7 series in the Tag class, where I finished second in points. I finally switched over to a Rotax midway through 2007 and raced with the most competitive Rotax Series in the country, Gatorz Karting Cup, to end the season. In 2009 I raced Rotax Masters with the Los Angeles Kart Club and won the class Championship. I also raced a limited schedule with The Challenge of the Americas and Gatorz Karting Cup, where I finished 3rd in points with Gatorz.

Daniel Glas
Kalamazoo, MI
MRP Rmax Challenge

Dan has been kart racing on a local and regional level for the past 12 years. This includes some SCCA Solo II racing, but was looking for more seat time. He first attended a race school to determine if karting was something he wanted to jump into. Jump in he did, in his first season he had over 35 practice days and competed in 10 races. The first 7 years were spent in the kt100 classes, thenshifter karts for 4 years, 2009 was the first year in Rotax. The plans for 2010 include a return to the very competitve Rotax Masters class.

David Gildersleeve
Syracuse, IN
MRP Rmax Challenge

63 Years Young Profession - RETIRED Gilder-Wilhelm Racing LSR Rotax/Birel

1st Kart--Mac R1 with single Mac 6 Current Kart--04 Birel r31 Rotax
Other karts owned-- Dart A-bone, Dart Grand Prix, Emick, Swiss Hutless, Margay
Series Run--Michiana Kart Club, Great Lakes Sprint Series, WKA MFG. Cup, Midwest Sprint Series, Rotax, tag
Sponsors--Instrumental Machine & Development, Warsaw, IN.
Lakeside Fitness, Syracuse, IN.
LSR Motorsports, S. Bend, IN,
MRP Motorsports, Three Oaks, MI.

John Dalton
Miami, FL
South Florida Rmax Challenge

John Dalton is 37 years old and a native of Miami Florida. He began his racing career in 1998 on a 1000 Suzuki on the high banks of the Daytona International Speedway where he attained national recognition in the CCS Series. In 2006 he moved from that venue to racing shifter karts and won numerous local series despite his short tenure in karting, including Homestead and Moroso. In 2008 he made the transition from shifter karts to the Rotax Master Series where he is the current points leader in the Homestead Karting Winter Series.
John continues to balance his racing career and his professional career as a Miami-Dade Deputy Sheriff. His biggest fan continues to be his 11 year old daughter, Ashley.

Todd Ulmen
Miami, FL
South Florida Rmax Challenge

Age: 43 Homestead Rotax/CRG Home track Homestead Kart Track
Karting 2 years in January Race for Playthings Racing
2009 South Florida Rmax Rotax Masters Champion support from Homestead Karting
Competed at 2009 USRMC Grand Nationals.

Russell Hamel
Pelham, NH
Northeast Rmax Challenge

Home Series Northeast RMax Challenge SSC Rotax/CRG Team SSC East
Married, 46 years young, 2 kids, 7 years in karting and no thoughts of quiting.
2 time Northeast Region Masters Champion
2009 5th place USRMC Grand Nationals
2008 3rd place USRMC National Points
2004 WKA Regional DUnlop Roadracing 125 Spec Champion
Special Thanks to tuner Frank Roberts, Dave Davies and Gary Carlton for tuning and coaching.

Mike Wilhelm
No Picture Available
New Paris, IN
MRP Rmax Challenge

Gilder-Wilhelm Racing LSR Rotax/Birel

11 Kevin French
Conyers, GA
SouthEast Rotax Super Series

When a friend invited my brother and me to check out Rotax karting and the Georgia Sprint Karting Association a little over 2 years ago, we were both sold instantly. Shortly thereafter, French Bros. Racing was on the track with two CRGs. I am racing a 2005 CRG Blue Demon with a CMC Rotax motor. We started this season with our first sponsor, Zamp Helmets and raced the entire SERSS (Southeastern Rotax Super Series) schedule. I am thankful for all who contributed to my success this season and look forward to the Florida Winter Tour and the 2010 RMax Challenge season.

The United States Rotax Max Challenge is organized and managed by SSC Racing, Palm Springs, CA. Over thirty local and regional series throughout the United States organize and manage official USRMC RMax Challenges with top competitors attending the annual USRMC Grand Nationals. At the USRMC Grand Nationals the top finishing drivers in the Junior Max, Senior Max and DD 2 classes will be awarded spots to the Rotax Grand Finals where World Champions will be crowned in these 3 premier classes. For more information about the US Rotax Max Challenge go to www.rotaxmaxchallenge.com. A complete list of Rotax distributors, dealers and series can be found on the appropriate pages. For complete standings of all competitors in the 2009 USRMC National Points Challenge go to; 2009 USRMC National Points Standings

For information how you can become a USRMC member and compete in the 2010 National Points Challenge and qualify to compete at the 2010 USRMC Grand Nationals send your request for information to Marshall Martin, USRMC National Race Director, USRMC Member and Series Administration rmaxnrd@gmail.com

Article Credit: rotaxmaxchallenge.com
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