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2009 USRMC National Points Top 10 –Junior Max


Article By: Marshall Martin

Class number 3 of the 2009 National Points Championship is the Junior Max. Anytime you place a group of 12-15 year old talented, fearless young men on the track it will be exciting. In this group I count 6 former Mini Max Champions from previous US Grand Nationals or other major Rotax competitions. Three of the top 10 drivers finished in the top positions at the 2009 US Grand Nationals and represented the US at the Rotax Grand Finals in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. First place driver Jake French wins the 2009 US National Points Championship, finished 3rd at the US Grand Nationals and went to the Rotax Grand Finals. Joining Jake in Egypt was another Texan 5th place driver Alec Udell and 8th place Florida driver and US Grand National Champion Nick Neri. Second and third place drivers from MRP . The rest of the top 10 was represented by drivers from North and South Florida and California. This is another class that shows the competition in the Rotax series stretches from coast to coast. Each year the talent pool in the Junior class keeps getting stronger and it will happen again in 2010. A number of Junior drivers are advancing to Seniors, being replaced by a very talented group of 2009 Mini Max drivers. It will be interesting to watch as the 2010 season develops to see what new faces will be on the list of 2010 USRMC National Points Championship.

Congratulations to all of the 2010 USRMC Top 10 Junior Max drivers.

Jake French
Sachse, TX
Southwest Regions Cup

Jake French is a member of North Texas Kartway and is on the 3G Kart Racing team. Jake is 13 years old and started racing in the Junior 1 Yamaha class at 8 years old. Jake is the 2009 SWRC Champion in Rotax Jr. Jake's is sponsored by 3G Kart Racing, Burger King, MRP Motorsports, LG Motorsports, Censport Graphics, Sachse Rod Shop and On Track Promotions. Website www.jakefrench.com

Taylor Tzouanakis
Wauconda, IL
MRP Rmax Challenge

Rotax/Birel Team MRP/Chicago Indoor Karting
2009 MRP Rotax Jr Champion Favorite Tracks MRP of South Bend, Ocala, Homestead
Hobbies Xbox, Snowboarding, anything on wheels Favorite Food Steak and Mashed Potatoes Favorite Driver Graham Rahal
Goal To become a professional race car driver

Brennan Harrington
Des Plaines, IL
MRP Rmax Challenge

Chicago Indoor Karting MRP Rotax/Birel Home Track - Michiana Raceway Park
Accomplishments: 2007 MRP Mini-Max Champion, 2009 MRP Yamaha Jr. Can Champion, 2009 MRP Jr. Rotax runner up, 5th place in the Rotax Summer Shootout, broke 3 MRP track records in 2009 (and three in each of the past two seasons). In 2010, Brennan will be looking to win the Jr. Rotax class in the MRP Rotax Challenge (biggest Rotax series in the US), competing the the WKA Manufacturer Cup, Rotax Pan-American Challenge, and the Rotax Grand Nationals.

Sebastian Ordonez
Miami, FL
South Florida Rmax Challenge

RDD Motorsports RDD-Rotax/Kart Mini Home Track Homestead, Florida Birthplace Bogota, Colombia
First race At the age of 7 in a Baby Kart
First Win At the age of 7 in a Baby Kart
2001 Champion of Miami / Baby Kart Championship Series
2002 3rd of Miami Cadet Jr. Sportman 80 cc.
2002 Runner-up Championship Series Miami Easykart 60 cc.
2003 Runner-up Championship Series Miami Cadet Jr. Sportman 80 cc.
2003 Champion of Miami Easykart 60 cc
2003 Runner-up Homestead Karting Cadet Jr. Sportman 80 cc
2003 Champion of Homestead Karting Easykart 60 cc.
2003 Runner-up At Chiluca-Mexico Easykart 60 cc.
2004 Champion of Homestead Karting Cadet Jr. Sportman 80 cc.
2004 Champion of Homestead Karting Easykart 60 cc.

Alec Udell
Angleton, TX
Southwest Regions Cup

Alec Udell is 13 years old and started racing karts in the Kid Kart class at 5 years of age. Alec is a member of the Kart Nation/SRR Race Team based at the Kart Nation/ MSR Houston kart track in Angleton, TX. Alec was ranked the #1 Rotax Mini Max racer in the US in 2008. Alec's sponsors are Kart Nation, SRR (Stuart Robinson Racing ) Race Team, Grand Products and Topkart.

Jesus Rios Jr.
Miami Beach, FL
South Florida Rmax Challenge

Team JRacing/PSL Racing PSL Rotax/CRG Home Track Homestead Karting
2009 1st Place Le Petite Monaco Trios-Rivieres
1st place Shawinigan Montreal
1st place Jamaica Caribbean Karting International
1st place Quebec Cup Montreal RMax Challenge Rotax Junior
Florida Winter Tour Rotax Junior Runner-up
Florida Winter Tour Won KF3 Debut
2008 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals Rotax Junior Youngest Driver on USA team lead contingent in qualifying La Conca Italy
3rd place Rotax Junior Grand Nationals Shawano WI, USA
RMax Challenge Rotax Junior Champion for South Florida
Stars of Karting JICA Ocala Florida
2007 Rotax Mini-Max National Centennial Colorado USA RMax Challenge Series Runner-up
2006 Rotax National Wisconsin USA

Louie Pagano
Camarillo, CA
Gatorz Karting Cup

Louie Pagano ends the 2009 season seventh on the US Rotax Max Challenge National Points Standings. The 2009 Gatorz Karting Cup Junior champion scored three wins on the season to help earn him the title. Along with placing fourth in the competitive Challenge of the Americas program at the start of the ’09 season, the DPK/Birel driver went on to score the runner-up position at the Rotax Summer Shootout and finish sixth at the US Grand Nationals in Norman, Oklahoma.

Nick Neri
Palmetto, FL
North Florida Rmax Challenge

Ocala Gran Prix Racing Team OGP Rotax/Tony Kart
2009 Americas Team Rotax World Finals
2009 Rotax Junior FWT Champion
2009 Rotax Junior USRMC Grand National Champion

Mason Chelootz
Angleton, TX
Southwest Regions Cup

Team Kart Nation Kart-Nation Rotax/Top Kart Home Track MSR Houston
Mason Chelootz is from Spring, TX. Mason started racing in the kid kart class in Katy, TX at age the age of 5. His passion is for racing but is also an avid golfer. Mason enjoys racing with his family and would like to thank the following Grand Products, Kart Nation, Hytorc of Texas,Tony Loniewski and of course his parents.

Jack West
Sarasota, FL
South Florida Rmax Challenge

Jack West IV Team & Sponsors DeFrancesco Racing & Alonso Kart USA #555 Home Track Palmetto www.jackwest.us
Jack’s karting career began in 2002 and in 2004 first competed in Mini Max. One of the original members of the Florida Club Mini Max group.
2004-2005Florida Mini Max Champion for both North and Central Florida RMax Series. 2006 Florida State Mini Max Champio.
2008 Rotax Minimax Grand National Vice-Champion
2009 Rotax Minimax Champion in Florida Winter Tour
Competes in the following series: Rotax National and Regional Series, FWT International Series, Stars of Karting, CKI Series, W.K.A. National and Regional series, Easy Kart National and Regional series
2009 was the first USRMC Jack has missed since 2004. A return to the 2010 event is planned along with some selected PanAm Rotax Challenge.
Favorite Drivers: Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso

The United States Rotax Max Challenge is organized and managed by SSC Racing, Palm Springs, CA. Over thirty local and regional series throughout the United States organize and manage official USRMC RMax Challenges with top competitors attending the annual USRMC Grand Nationals. At the USRMC Grand Nationals the top finishing drivers in the Junior Max, Senior Max and DD 2 classes will be awarded spots to the Rotax Grand Finals where World Champions will be crowned in these 3 premier classes. For more information about the US Rotax Max Challenge go to www.rotaxmaxchallenge.com. A complete list of Rotax distributors, dealers and series can be found on the appropriate pages. For complete standings of all competitors in the 2009 USRMC National Points Challenge go to; 2009 USRMC National Points Standings

For information how you can become a USRMC member and compete in the 2010 National Points Challenge and qualify to compete at the 2010 USRMC Grand Nationals send your request for information to Marshall Martin, USRMC National Race Director, USRMC Member and Series Administration rmaxnrd@gmail.com

Article Credit: rotaxmaxchallenge.com
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