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PRI/CKI All-Star Karting Classic-Fox Sports Today


The Championship Karting International Series is announcing to all karting and motorsports enthusiasts alike that the PRI/CKI All Star Karting Classic is now set to air on Fox Sports national television today! With a viewership reaching over a million motorsports enthusiasts nationwide, CKI is once again bringing karting to the forefront of mainstream media.

Fresh off a hugely successful event, the CKI series is wasting no time in getting the sport of kart racing on television. Less than one month after the Performance Racing Industry trade show and the Thursday evening PRI/CKI All-Star Karting Classic, airdates and times have been booked nationwide.

The air dates for the PRI/CKI All-Star Karting Classic on FOX Sports Network are:

PRI CKI All Star Karting Classic Show 1 - Monday, January 11, 2010 - 4:30pm EST
PRI CKI All Star Karting Classic Show 2 - Monday, January 18, 2010 - 4:30pm EST

“The PRI event was nothing short of spectacular,” stated CKI Director of Operations Kevin Williams. “I am happy to say that once again, karting will be on television. CKI has always taken steps to promote the sport of Karting, both online and offline, with LIVE video and printed media, and the PRI CKI All Star Karting Classic along with its national television coverage extends that promotion of Karting.”

When karting hits Fox Sports national television on the dates mentioned above, viewers will hear some familiar voices to listen to. Not only were the duo of veteran karting announcers Rob Howden and Randy Kugler the commentators live at the event, the pair will also provide voice over for the race broadcast.

During both television programs, CKI will further promote Karting by launching its exciting new ad campaign, “The Race Lives Near You!” Encompassing a crusade that utilizes a ground-up approach to promote Karting with the assistance of partners throughout motorsports, CKI will blend its Regional Outreach Program with “The Race Lives Near You” ad campaign to provide structured support to both new and seasoned Karters around the country. When viewers watch the PRI CKI All Star Karting Classic on national television, CKI-produced ads will air directing viewers to www.ChampionshipKartRacing.com Visitors to the website will see “The Race Lives Near You” slogan, displaying listings of Kart tracks and shops around the United States, exhibiting CKI’s effort to support Karting at all levels.

“The grandstands were packed and there are very few opportunities to display our great sport to more than 7,000 motorsports industry experts, not to mention another million on Fox Sports national television. As with anything we do in karting, CKI is thrilled to bring it all to the public” expressed Championship Karting International co-founder RJ Valentine. “The ‘Race America’ control lighting was second to none and all in all the entire event was flawless and a phenomenal boost to Karting.”

The Championship Karting International program and WSK North America Series will next see action with their first annual CKI Florida Cup presented by Supertune USA and DFR. With the program taking place at the Homestead Karting Center just south of Miami, Florida, the Florida Cup Series will award more than $130,000.00 in cash and prizes including a brand new Mazda 3. For more information on the series, photos, results, news and up-to-date information, please visit www.ChampionshipKartRacing.com.

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