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New Release of Kartfinder.com Website


The New Face of Kartfi nder.com

The original concept for Kartfinder.com was a single source for chassis and engine information. People seeking information could fi nd the manufacturer and North American Importer, links to both their sites. Over the years it has become the number one
resource for this information.

In January 2008, Stacey Gunn became the new owner and with a vision of what this resource could be for the karting community. On November 26, 2009, the vision became reality as the new face of

Now Kartfinder.com is not only the number one resource for chassis and engine information, but it includes a comprehensive track directory and free classifi ed listings.
Below is summarized a list of the changes.

Homepage - The homepage allows for a quick overview of what is new on the website.

Kart Chassis Directory - The Chassis directory now has several ways to view the
chassis list. You can see an alphabetical list of the chassis or you can view the chassis by the type of racing for which they were designed.

Track Directory - Tracks can be viewed by racing format type or by State.
Web links for the active track sites are available. Tracks which are closed are listed as so.

Classified Listings - The classified ads now have reference links for each ad. The purpose of the new classified ad format is to educate new and inexperienced karters to
the products being sold. The ads are open to all free of charge.

Advertising Opportunities - With the redesign, there are new advertising
opportunities available. The new advertising packages will be available soon. There will
be no changes to the price structure for the existing advertisers.

Submissions and correction requests can be
sent to stacey@kartfi nder.com.

Article Credit: Kartfinder.com
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