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Wimsett Wins !!!


Team USA driver and Oregan native Joey Wimsett takes the heat race win in round one (the Senior A vs. B Group) in big style. Wimsett got a great start from his sixth place starting slot and inherited the top spot when the race leader was black flagged on lap one for rough driving. Canadian Marco DiLeo got up to fourth on the start from his seventh place starting spot, but was punted back to 12th two laps later and then moved back up to eighth at the flag. A good run for both drivers.

After the race Wimsett had this to say:
"The leader took out the front row and then punted me at the end of the straight. I wasn't surprised to see him black flagged off. I got into a zone and just clicked off some solid laps. Now the biggest part is finishing the rest of heats well."

Article Credit: ekartingnews.ca
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