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PGP Winter Series Round 2 Recap


PGP Winter Series Round 2 is officially in the books folks! And what a great day of racing it was. Racers began to arrive much earlier Sunday morning to secure a spot seeing as the pits are filling up more and more each race. Everyone was doing their best to stay warm as they unloaded their karts in the 31 degree frosty weather. The motors fired up promptly at 9am for the first round of practice just as the snow started to fall. It was quite the scene watching racers practicing under a light snowfall. While it remained chilly throughout the day, the snow cleared up as five groups of drivers took to the track at 11am for qualifying. By the main events the gray clouds were gone and the sun came out making for a cold sunny afternoon of some close calls and fierce competition.

Jeff Thomas kicked off the day of big wins by leading the Rotax Masters/ Jr Moto class with a fast lap of 1:05.743, followed by Mike Zimmerman and Jim Nelson. The Rotax Micro/Mini/TaG Cadet race which followed was marked by Kyle Wick who had a strong lead separating himself from the pack with a fast lap of 1:05.780. Following Wick in the second spot was Parker Portalski and Matthew Morgan in third.

The highlight of the day in the Rotax Sr/ Tag Sr class was the fight for first place between Michael Hogg and Derek Wang. The two were neck and neck with Hogg leading throughout the main event, and after many attempts Derek Wang was able to get by Hogg with only a couple laps to go. Derek Wang ran a fast lap of 1:02.144, with Brittney Cusack taking home the third place spot.

It was quite the race to watch in the Rotax Jr/ Tag Jr class with Parker McKean taking a commanding lead from the start with a fast lap of 1:02.032, never looking back. Taking home the second and third spot was Kyle Byers and Brandon Shriber.

The final race of the day featured the S3 Moto/S2 Moto/G1 (ICC) class. It was both a thrill for the crowd at the fence and a great day for racer Steve Perdue as he took first place home with a fast lap of 1:00.860. There was some great racing between the 12 drivers with Jarrett Cangie coming in second followed by Brian Frank in third.

The day concluded with a trophy ceremony and a big congratulations to all the drivers for a great turn out and a fun day a racing! For the full list of race results please go to the 'Schedules/ Results' page.

The PGP Winter Series Round 3 will be held on January 10, 2010, hope to see you all there!

Article Credit: NWKnews
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