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2010 IKF Helmet Regulation Change


Don't throw away those 'SA/ M 2000' helmets just yet Northwest racers!! It's official, as stated recently in the 'IKF Minutes' the helmet regulations are being extended one more year. Helmets that carry the snell spec Sa and/or M 2000 will remain legal in all Northwest series for one more season until December 2010. This includes all Region 6 races, as well as the new 'I-5 Corridor' and 'Stars of PGP' races. So be sure to hang onto those helmets for one more season of great racing in the Northwest!!

**Here is the motion that was recently passed to extend the Helmet Regulations for 2010 from the 'IKF Minutes.' For more information visit Ikfkarting.com.

Motion by Scribner to accept the following helmet standards for Section
Second by Diederich.

HEAD GEAR: Full coverage (full face) helmets designed for competitive motorsports use are mandatory and must comply with one of the following:

Snell Foundation Specifications:
SA and M 2000 Legal Until 12/20/2010
SA and M 2005 Legal Until 12/20/2015
K 2005 Legal Until 12/20/2015
CMS 2007 (youth helmet) Legal Until 12/20/2015
CMR 2007 (youth helmet) Legal Until 12/20/2015
M 2010 Legal Until 12/20/2020 Go-karts only.
Not approved for Champ Karts
SA 2010 Legal Until 12/20/2020 Go-karts and Champ Karts

Note: 2010 is the last competition year that Snell SA and M 2000 helmets will be legal.

SFI Specifications Legal Until
24.1 (youth helmet) Legal Until 12/20/2012
31.2a Legal Until 12/20/2013
41.2a Legal Until 12/20/2013
24.1/2005 (youth helmet) Legal Until 12/20/2015
31.1/2005 Legal Until 12/20/2015
41.1/2005 Legal Until 12/20/2015
24.1/2010 (youth helmet) Legal Until 12/20/2020
31.1/2010 Legal Until 12/20/2020 Go-karts and Champ Karts
41.1/2010 Legal Until 12/20/2020 Go-karts only. Not approved for Champ Karts

British Standards Institution Specifications: Helmets with BSI A-type and A/FR-type BS6658-85 certification manufactured within the past 10 years are approved. They are legal until 12/20/13. See label inside helmet for manufactured date.

Note: Although the youth helmet standard does not specify a precise age range, the helmets are intended for children and, particularly, for young, pre-pubertal children. Adult drivers should select a helmet meeting one of the other standards.

In Favor: Unanimous

Article Credit: NWK news/ ikfkarting.com
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