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Cody Hodgson Prepares for Egypt


Cody Hodgson has had a very impressive season. After winning the NorcalKarters.com Driver of the year in 2008, Cody Hodgson has proved the Prediction of being the "Next Big Thing" by the website by a very impressive season. With Cody's on track performance through the season, not only has he earned opportunities to further his Kart racing Career by Sponsorship, but has also earned himself an all expense paid trip to the Rotax Nationals in Egypt.

To start Cody's weekend of success leading to his trip to Egypt, Hodgson did battle at the Pro Kart north finale in which he was involved in a close points chase to win the S1 division Championship. To close out the season series, Hodgson performed a clean sweep winning both Heat races, then drove to a commanding win in the Final to score his second Straight Championship in the Pro Kart North S1 one category. Leaving for Oklahoma to race in the Rotax nationals the night of the of the Pro Kart Finale, Hodgson began his second part of the weekend, racing for a trip to Egypt to race in the Rotax World Finals. In the PreFinal, Hodgson was able to sneak away on the start avoiding contact between other Karts to big lead. This enabled Cody to drive smart and save his tires and kart for the Final. Cody Hodgson grabbed the lead of the Final race and the chance to represent USA in the World Finals from the drop of the green flag. Late in the race Hodgson received a challenge for the win, but his ability to keep composure and focus on the ultimate goal of racing in Egypt allowed him to keep the lead after contact, and drive to the win.

Cody Hodgson has proved to be a threat for the win wherever he races, and has expanded his resume this year by winning big races, and racing in a NASCAR late model. Hodgson is preparing for the Rotax World Finals in Egypt. Hodgson is sponsored by the leaders in Kart Racing and Motorsports. Hodgson's sponsors include: Gary Richter at Panavise, Jorge Arellano of Ocala grand prix, Swedetech Racing Engines, TonyKart Florida, MMI and Scott Conway, Ram Mechanical, and RMG- Race Media Group. To see more on Cody Hodgson, visit www.codyhodgsonracing.com

RMG- Race Media Group

Article Credit: Race Media Group
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