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IAME Appoints Haddock Limited as Sole HPV Engine I


eKartingNews.com received a statement on Thursday from IAME Spa announcing the appointment of Haddock Limited Inc. as the sole importer of the HPV engine program to the United States. Up until now, the southern California-based Horstman Manufacturing had been the sole importer of the HPV engine (a 2-cycle engine that is air-cooled with a displacement of 100cc), holding that position since its introduction in 1996. Introduced to the United States in 1996 through IAME, Horstman Manufacturing, and WKA, the engine can be configured - with changes to the carburetor and exhaust - to run at different levels - from ages 8-12 for Cadet racing, 12-15 for Juniors and of course the Senior level.

Per the statement sent out by IAME, “this change was implemented in response to recent issues concerning product availability, pricing, and the relationship between IAME and US kart racing organizations.”

Haddock, a veteran in the sport both as a driver and mechanic, has had a long history with the Italian IAME company. A co-designer for the K-71 piston port engine manufactured by IAME, Horstman and IAME used its concept toward the design and manufacturing of the HPV-100 with the blessing of Haddock.

“IAME approached me regarding their current situation with the HPV engine and its status in the United States,” commented Haddock to EKN. “After many discussions with them, we have committed to a new partnership for the distribution of the HPV engine. Still holding onto the original K-71 engine, it is funny how it has come full circle back to me. I’m hoping to bring what is currently a good package for racing into a better one.”

The statement from IAME also mentioned changes to the engine for 2010, including a new clutch system similar to the popular IAME Parilla Leopard clutch. Haddock confirmed the clutch will be very similar to the Leopard clutch with a few minor differences. Working with WKA, IAME and Haddock will introduce a staggered implementation of the clutch into competition up until roughly mid-2010 in effort to give competitors time to make the change over. The same scenario is currently being presented to IKF.

Further information regarding the availability of the retrofit clutch kit for engines already in the market will be released in the short future.

Article Credit: ekartingnews.com
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