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Spokane Gold Cup Report


Spokane Gold Cup September 5th and 6th 2009

Article by: Joey McGuire @ RevolutionKartRacing.com

Jr. 1 Briggs gas Animal Lt:

Heat one started with a full invert of the field based on qualifying times. As the field came into turn one after the green flag there was a red flag thrown for an incident. Kellen dean went for a ride over another kart and ended up on his lid. The tough guy was ok after a checkout from the EMT's but sat out the heat race. They started again with a full restart as they hadn't completed a lap. Michael Gutenberger made his way through the field quickly to take a strong lead and the heat race win with Britney Zamora running to second with your polesitter Luke Seuiken making it up to third. The main event was just as exciting as the main with karts in the air. Gutenberger took the early lead with Zamora on his tail. She passed him 1/3 of the way through the race and pulled away for a strong win. Gutenberger and Seuiken were running second and third for the whole race. Seuiken put a pass into the last turn leading to the straight and set up a drag race to the finish. They made contact down the straigh running side by side and I believe Gutenberger crossed the finish line in the air as he was sent airborne when his tires made contact with Seuiken's. Gutenberger was DQ'd for rough driving in the final tally giving the third place finish to Stingray Robb and Kellen Dean came home in fourth after his heat race acrobatics.

Briggs Gas Animal Light:

The Briggs gas animal class was largely made up of the tri cities kart club members with a local boy Shane Quinn to mix it up. For the inverted heat race Joe Miller was able to pull through the 6 kart field for the wing and Brett Lucas was all over Brooke Poynor's bumper but had to settle for third as Poynor took the second position. Local Shane Quinn was running strong, but broke down and was out for the day. In the main Brooke Poynor was off the track early and left Joe Miller and Brett Lucas to battle out the race. With multiple trades for the lead and a lot of side by side racing Miller and Lucas put on one of the best races of the day. Miller held it together when it counted and took the win with Lucas .057 seconds behind. And the other racer in the Lucas Family, Greg Lucas came home in third after being out of a kart for more than a year. He was coming on strong at the end, but ran out of laps. He assures me that with a little more seat time that his brother's got nothin. Michael Groff finished fourth and Brooke Poynor was listed in the fifth position after her technical failure.

Jr 2 Briggs Gas Animal Light:

Another full invert start saw Logan Livesay lead the first two laps until the freight train of Nicole Behar and Colton Shultz made their prescence known. Nicole led the charge with her pole time in qualifying being the only one to dip into the 49 second range. There was some contact and a lot of karts shuffled around as they made the pass into the second turn chicane. They brought Harley Price through with them into the third spot. Livesay and Taylor Overhoff made contact in the chicane and didn't continue on. Colton stalked Nicole for most of the race. He made a pass for the lead with a few laps to go and held on to it until the next lap when Behar squeezed her kart into turn one and made the pass back to the lead with a little banging of side pods through the turn to take the heat win with Colton in tow and Harley Price in third. The main event was more of the same. Putting on the show of the day Nicole Behar and Colton Shultz ran nose to tail and side by side for the entire race. Not to be denied for the second race Colton took the lead going into the last three corner combination to take the overall win. Behar finished a strong second and with all the action in the lead, Taylor Overhoff had overcome his heat race DNF and subsequent starting position to work his way right up to the lead packs bumper and finished in third. Skylar Smith ran consistent fourth place finishes all day and Harley Price took the fifth spot at the line.

Briggs World Formula Heavy:

This was the largest class of the day with 15 entries and they put on a good show. Starting from pole position thanks to the inverted field Glenn Young took off to a large lead right from the get go. While everyone else sorted it out behind him he had his way up front. But Robbie Calhoun made it through all the karts quicker than the others and ran Young down to pass for the lead. Young was dropped down the order by Scott Barlee, Alan Cathey and Austin Moon to bring his kart in fifth at the finish. Alan Cathey making the run from the farthest back after setting pole time at 50.075. The battle for sixth through twelfth was non stop. You could cover them with a blanket. Roger Cathey, Brian Green, Brett Lucas, Dana McDonald, Brett Lucas, and Dianne Perry rounded out the top ten. The main lost one of it's strongest competitors before the green flag as Brett Lucas was off the track with a broken something or other. At the green Alan Cathey took the lead from the pole position and that was that. Robbie Calhoun slotted into second and wasn't pressured for the race either. But with fifteen karts on the track there is going to be some good battles. The race for third was a good one. Roger Cathey held third for most of the race, but was never left alone. Scott Barlee made the pass for third with only a couple laps left in the race and held onto it to the end. Bryan Green waited in the fifth position for his opportunity at the third spot but settled for fifth behind Roger Cathey who finished fourth. Austin Moon, Ryan Krassett, Elliot McDonald, Dana McDonald, (yes they are related as are the Catheys), and Dianne Perry wrapped up the top ten. And Jeff Mullins gets the hard luck award not getting to finish the last few turns after battling in the top ten.

Micro Max:

Heat 1 saw the pole sitter Matthew Morgan take the lead and hold it all the way to the checkered flag. Seth Appel didn't make it easy as he was on his bumper all the way. Heat 2 saw the exact opposite scenario as Appel was able to get the jump from the outside row and hold on with Morgan tailing him. All the excitement of the heat races didn't have anything on the main event. The front row of Morgan and Appel weren't able to get a clean start to the head flagger's liking and he shifted the second row forward and put Morgan and Appel back to the third and fourth spot. That put Parker Portalski and Deirdra O'neil on the front row. O'neil took the point in turn one and Appel slotted himself in second. Appel tailed O'neil every step of the way looking for a way around. Morgan made up for a bad start that put him to the rear of the field to catch up with the lead duo of O'neil and Appel. But nothing could stop Deirdra O'neil. She didn't put a wheel wrong and ran the fastest laps she had all weekend. O'neil took her first win of the season and the crowd went wild when she took the checkered flag. Seth Appel and Matthew Morgan were on her tail to finish Second and third respectively. And Parker Portalski brought it home in fourth with Bradley O'neil in fifth.

IKF Tag Cadet:

Heat one and heat of the cadet races were owned by Davey Manthei. After tangles in turn one that seemed to plague the cadet field all weekend Marco Eakins was able to make it out of the tangle to finish in second ahead of Connor Robustelli in third. Another tangle in heat 2 put Manthei miles ahead of the fiel right away as he wasn't held up with the melee. Jake Preston made his way out of the mess to put together an impressive climb to second showing some speed and passing skills. That should have let everyone know that Preston was ready to fight for the win. For the final Manthei didn't have it easy for one second. The class finally enjoyed a clean start and Preston hounded Manthei every step of the way. Preston wasn't able to get by for the win, but he made his prescence known and was the only one to make Manthei sweat this weekend. Marco Eakins finshed in third and Connor Robustelli and Job Kardris were in fourth and fifth at the finish.

Rotax International:

Heat one was full of all sorts of excitement and drama in the first corner as the pole sitter, Andrew Zimmer, was parked in the first turn as the whole field stormed by him and left him to claw his way from the rear. A hard pill to swallow in a class that is as competetive as the international field. Joey Wimsett assumed the lead from third on the grid and continued on for the win with Derek Wang in tow and Stepanova Nekeel on his tail for third. Andrew Zimmer made his way back up to fifth by the end of the heat. The second heat lost one competitor as Nekeel called it a day due to some sore ribs. Wimsett led heat two from the start and all the shuffling was done behind him. Derek Wang was dropped back from his second place start position and Drew Revord took up the second spot. Wang worked back up to third at the line and Zimmer was DQ'd from the heat due to his attempt to dump Wimsett after the checkered in retaliation for the heat one start. With that drama out of the way the third heat started with Wang getting the jump at the start. Wimsett quickly put himself back at the front by the third turn and kept it that way to the checkered. Wang never gave up and was right with Wimsett through the entire race. Drew Revord finished in third, Joey McGuire in fourth, Sam Jones in fifth. Andrew Zimmer had made it up to fourth behind Revord in the race, but ended his day spinning out in turn one with two laps to go and settled for the sixth place spot.

Mini Max:

The mini max class like the tag cadet class was plagued with karts off the track in turn one. Some experienced more than their fair share. Heat one was a disaster in the first turn. The pole sitter Kyle Wick was involved and other top qualifiers Matthew Moniz, Alec Bergstrom, and Cassidy Gannon ended their heat off the track as they weren't able to continue. Jacob Delavergne took the lead avoiding the mess and ran strong until Marco Eakins passed him for the lead in the middle of the race. Kyle Wick put in a strong show to make it out of the mess and finish third. Heat two put Kyle Wick back at the point as he led the way for the win with Delevergne, Moniz, Eakins and Bergstrom in striking distance. The final looked to be another close battle for the win as this field has a lot of fast young drivers. Unfortunately turn one served up more bad news for Moniz and Berstrom again as they ended up in the dirt. This time they were able to keep it running and were going to have a lot of work ahead of them. Kyle Wick led the way and proved that his pole setting time was proof that he would be the man to beat this weekend overcoming a rough first heat. Marco Eakins didn't let him run off with it though as he stalked him throughout the race, but settled for second place in the end. Jacob Delevergne finished a solid third place with good finishes in all the heats and Moniz and Bergstrom fought back through the field to finish fourth and fifth. Jake Helzel, Cassidy Gannon, Rayce Spoor, and Cole Franchinni were in sixth through ninth place.

Rotax Junior:

Alex Odenthal lost the lead at the start of heat one, but put on a great drive to earn the lead back from Kyle Byers late in the race. CJ Gannon had a strong run to finish third, Molly Helmuth finished fourth, and Brandon Schreiber fought from the back of the pack to finish in fifth after suffering a DQ in qualifying. Heat two was full of drama in turn one. Byers put in his pass attempt on the inside of Odenthal. Odenthal battled to hang in pulling ahead on the outside going into the chicane. Brandon Shcreiber wanted to have a piece of the action and he attempted to dive inside of both Byers and Odenthal riding the curb coming out of turn one. Odenthal was served a bump from one or the other or maybe both and sent spinning while the field left him behind. Schreiber came out on top with the lead for the second heat with Byers in second and CJ Gannon in third. To add insult to the injury Odenthal was put to the back for the main, because he tangled with McKinzie Myer in turn one while attempting a pass to make up some ground. With the pole starting position Byers led the race with Schreiber on his tail throughout the entire race. With the white flag out Schreiber took his shot going into the chicane, diving inside of Byers. Schreiber was up on the curb, there was contact and Byers ended up in the dirt. Both karts were able to continue with Schreiber scoring the win and Byers in second. Alex Odenthal charged through the field to come home third and was close to capitalizing on the leaders banging each other around on the last lap. Molly Helmuth finished a strong weekend in fourth, Cory Estell was very consistent to finish fifth and CJ Gannon battled with both of them for the whole race and brought it home sixth. Nicole Behar, Mckinizie Myer and Bradley Dezall finished off the class in seventh, eighth, and ninth.

Jr 1 Briggs Gas Animal Heavy:

With a full invert in the 4 cycle classes after qualifying things are always interesting. Stingray Robb got through cleanly at the start and ran away with the heat one win, while the rest of the field fought for position behind Thibaut Ertle and Gaetan Ertle who finished second and third. Brittney Zamora was fourth and Michael Gutenberger finished fifth and was reprimanded for some rough driving. With the heat race troubles behind him the main event was all about Gutenberger. He took the lead early passing Robb and earned a commanding win. One of the most exciting drives was from Kellen Dean as he methodically worked his way through the field to bring it across the line in second. Unfortunately he was handed a DQ for reasons off the track and that put Stingray Robb in the second position after strong running all weekend and Brittney Zamora rounded out the podium in third after another race from deep in the pack. Jessica Dezall, Luke Selliken, Thibaut Ertle, and Gaetan Ertle rounded out the finishing order.

Briggs Gas Animal Heavy:

The briggs heavy class was treated to a nice boost in size for this Sunday, with more competition than Saturday for the TCKC boys. Treated to a pole position start Bryan Green pulled a healthy lead in the heat race. Everyone behind him had to work to make up the ground. Alan Cathey was able to get there at the end, but the checkered flew as he was coming alongside Green for the pass. Roger Cathey brought it home in third wishing to put a hurtin on the other Cathey in the field. Joe Miller was fourth and Brooke Poynor had a strong finish in fifth. The main saw the familiar sight of Alan Cathey out front, but not without pressure from the Saturday animal class winner Joe Miller. He never let off the pressure, but had to settle for second in the end. The same scenario played out for the third position as Roger Cathey and Bryan Green knocked it out for the race with Cathey taking the third position and Green in fourth. Gregory Lucas made his weekend with a fifth place position over his brother Brett Lucas who finished seventh behind Corey Poynor in the sixth spot. Kelly Poynor, Michael Groff, David Dean, Glen Young finished the race in that order. For the second day in a row Brooke Poynor suffered a DNF, this time with a lost chain.

Jr 2 Briggs Gas Animal Heavy:

Nicole Behar put another pole position on her resume for the second day in the animal class. With a last place starting position she took to the lead in the heat race and Colton Schultz made his way through the field to finish second. Hailey Groff put together a great race and was really improving from Saturday to finish the heat in third with Taylor Overhoff on her bumper in fourth. The main event looked a lot like the Saturday light race. Colton Schultz kept the pressure on Behar througout the race. Taylor Overhoff was there in the third spot for the whole race thanks to better luck in the heat which kept him out of the hunt on Saturday. Colton Schultz wasn't going to settle for second on Sunday either and made the pass over Behar who would settle for second again and Overhoff was on the podium in third. Skylar Smith was purely consistent and finished fourth with Harley Price in the fifth place. Logan Liversay, Payton Manthei and Hailey Groff rounded out the field. Hailey having to pull off the track while having a good run for fuel spilling out of her carburetor.

IKF Briggs World Formula Medium:

The world formula class again boasted the largest entries of the weekend. The heat race saw the number two qualifier, Brett Lucas carve his way from the rear of the grid for the heat win. Burt Gasaway led for most of the race with Deven Patrick getting a great start to look for a way around Gasaway the entire race. Robbie Calhoun made his way around Patrick to finish third and relegate Patrick to fourth in the tally. Alan Cathey rounded out the top five in the heat race. The main event saw some local knowledge lead the way. Robbie Calhoun found his way to the front while Brett Lucas and Alan Cathey could only tail him for the race, never quite able to mount a serious threat to Calhoun's lead. Behind them Deven Patrick and Burt Gasaway were at it again lap after lap until Patrick was able to get by for the fourth spot. Gasaway was a DNF late in the race for a breakdown of some sort which gave the fifth position to Chase Meyer. Ryan Krassett had a great race with Myers for the whole race to finish in sixth. Austin Moon, another local Shane Quinn, Jeff Mullins, and Alan Russell were the last running on the track to finish in the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth positions. Diane Perry, Burt Gasaway, and Roger Cathey are listed in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth spots with DNF's.

IKF Tag Junior:

Heat one was led by Kyle Byers from the pole. Colton Schultz was looking to contest for the lead and ran second to Byers until, with a few laps to go, he was done with something broken on his kart. Brandon Schreiber was handed the second place finish with Marshall Peterson right behind him in third. Heat two saw Byers in the lead again, but Marshal Peterson was the one to be putting on the pressure. He was never far behind Byers, but settled for second with Schreiber in the third position this time. Heat three started with a lot of anticipation over the weather. With clouds that were beyond dark looming and the wind picking up we all assumed we were going to see an exciting race filled with a wet track and karts on slick tires. The wind did it's best to terrorize, but the rain never materialized and the Kyle Byers show continued unabated. Making it three for three he took home the win in the final with a little cushion between himself and Marshall Peterson finishing second. Paige Wallin stepped it up big to finish a strong third and Colton Schultz made up some ground from his earlier DNF to finish fourth. Skyler Benoit was fifth, Brandon Schreiber was sixth, and Bradley Dezall rounded out the class in seventh.


The shifter class was a mixed bag of weights and motors. Brad Weiss took off in his ICC kart and dominated heat one, but was docked a position for a little lurch from the standing start giving the win in the 125 light class to Jason Nichols. Tony Helsel was second on the track but first in the 125 class with William Beutler in second and Tim Davison in third. For heat two it was Tony Helsel's turn to get docked a position for a rolling start before the green giving the win to Davison in the heavy class. Brad Weiss started cleanly this time and won the 125 light class with Nichols in second. The main was put off for twenty minutes for all the shifter class to prepare with the rain and wind storm that blew through the Spokane facility late sunday afternoon. With the track mildly wet only two shifters braved the main. Tim Davison made the main and won the 125 heavy class and Jason Nichols won the 125 light class. Both men not afraid to shred a set of rain tires in the drying track conditions.

IKF Tag Senior Light:

Tag senior pole time was set by Brandon Cusack by just a .024 margin over Doug Huggler, both running rotax powerplants. In the first heat Cusack turned that position into a heat win leading from the start. Sam Gallo moved up to the second position relegating Huggler to third at the finish. In the second heat Huggler was on his game. He must have got a good nights sleep as he passed Cusack into turn five right from the get go and never missed a beat on his way to the win. Sam Gallo got by Cusack for the second position and Cusack settled for third. The main didn't treat Sam Gallo so well as he broke on pace lap, a victim of a stuck engine. With the storm having cleared out Huggler took the point with Cusack on his tail. The positions never changed but Cusack was in striking distance for the entire race waiting for Huggler to bobble. No doors were opened and Huggler took the win with Cusack a close Second.

Rotax Masters:

Rotax masters was a two man show this weekend. Clayton Hayes put his Tony Kart on pole with a newcomer to the Gold Cup circuit, Jerry Pitts, in the second position. In a heat race run with multiple classes combined things got dicey at the start as Hayes climbed up on the rear tire of Pitts in turn one. With no harm to either kart they continued on and Hayes ran strong to finish ahead of Pitts. Heat two and three served up much of the same show. Hayes mixed it up with the tag senir light drivers with Pitts running in the second position and improving his speed through the weekend. The main event had the most excitement as the nasty weather rolled through the facility everyone was questioning whether slicks or rains were going to be the call. The track dried fast and there was not much drama for the main as the shifter class answered all the questions when they came in with shredded rain tires.

We were all very pleased by the Gold Cup turn out for Round 7 at Spokane... From here some Northwest racers will head over to Oklahoma for the Rotax Grand Nationals on September 15th, while others will head to Canby Oregon to prepare for the 8th and final round of the Region 6 Gold Cup series at Pats Acres. The final Gold Cup race will be held on September 26th, hope to see everyone there!

Article Credit: RevolutionKartRacing.com
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