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ASN Canada FIA Canadian National Championships


The end of the 2009 ASN Canada FIA National Karting Championships came to a close and new champions were crowned in seven categories. The Goodwood Kartways track provided some of the year's best racing action as 158 competitors layed it all on the line for a National crown and 364 days of bragging rights.

As racers entered the paddock in the early morning they were greeted with wet conditions and heavy fog as overnight rains brought changing temperatures. In the forecast were two separate storm systems, each bringing the threat of heavy rains and high winds.

Morning warmup would run on a drying track, forcing drivers to deal with changing track surface conditions and tire choices. A mid morning shower would see all the prefinals run in the wet, but by mid day the skies cleared, the track cleaned up and the finals would run in dry conditions.

“I am really happy with the reception we got from all the racers,” comments Goodwood Kartways Daniel DiLeo. “Looking out from the infield and seeing the fence lined was amazing. We are very proud of our entire staff and look forward to hosting the event again in the future.”

Canada Senior
In the prefinal it was Darryl Timmers on pole with Evan Hayden beside him to take the start. Drama would come early as Timmers failed to make the one-minute start warning and would start from the back of the pack, handing the pole position to Kevin Monteith. From the start it was Hayden, Gary Klutt and Monteith. The front three would run in a tight pack with Monteith grabbing P2 on lap six while Timmers moved forward to the P4 position to lead the chase pack. Contact between Klutt and Hayden would send Hayden back and Klutt into P2 allowing Monteith to gap the group. Klutt would reel in Monteith and go to P1 into corner seven with two to go. At the line it was Klutt, Monteith and Hayden with Timmers back up to fourth from 15th.

Ryan Klutt followed up his brothers winning performance with one of his own in Canada Junior
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

In the final, contact right from the start would send Timmers and Gerald Caseley wide going into four allowing Monteith to move into P1 ahead of Klutt and Hayden. Monteith would grab an early lead as Klutt set his sights on tracking him down. The chase pack of Timmers, Caseley and Hayden swapped spots as the front two checked out. Klutt would push Monteith around the circuit until a bobble on lap ten allowed Monteith to break way. But by lap 17 Klutt would reel in Monteith again and look for his opportunity. The chase pack continued to battle for the third spot, swapping spots in every lap. On lap 23 Klutt stuck it to the inside of Monteith entering turn five, however Monteith counter-attacked in turn six and held onto the lead. On last lap Klutt would grab P1 into and make it stick as Timmers grabbed P3 from Caseley. At the stripe it was Klutt scoring the win and the National title with Monteith second and Timmers third, completing the podium.

Canada Junior
A very similar story would play out in Canada Junior as tight battles and a familiar name would be the theme. On pole for the prefinal would be Ryan Klutt, younger brother of Gary. Sharing the front row would be Reid Arnold, defending Canada Junior National Champion. From the start it was Arnold with the holeshot and control of the field with Klutt and Joshua Dunand in tow. Past mid point, the field held their places with Cameron Morrison moving up to P3, going after the leaders as the rains got heavier. With two to go Klutt would try a pass on Arnold who would fight back to keep the lead. At the line it was Arnold, Klutt and Morrison.

In the final, contact off the start as the field went side by side through turn three would end Arnold’s day with a shredded tire. After one circuit it was Klutt on point, with Morrison and Bryson Schutte in chase mode. On lap four Morrison would break, handing P2 to Schutte who had a clear track to hunt down Klutt. A big battle pursued in the chase pack for the third podium spot. That battle would be won by Joshua Dunand who broke free and set his sights on Schutte. By half way Klutt was out front by over five seconds with Schutte running alone in second. At the line it was Klutt bringing home a second National title for the family with Schutte in second and Dunand rounding out the podium spots.

Avoiding all the melee in Rotax Max Senior, Hugo Ouellette will represent Team Canada in Egypt later this year
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Rotax Max Senior
Next up was the first of the Rotax Max Challenge National classes and a spot on Team Canada. The front row would be made up of brothers Pier-Luc Ouellette on pole with Hugo alongside. Off the start the Ouellette brothers would take control while Marco DiLeo would get pushed wide and fall back several spots to 14th. While the duo out front paced the field, behind them Michael Vincec would battle Darren White for third spot while DiLeo would charge forward quickly along with teammate Stefano Romano. At the line it was PLO followed by Hugo and Vincec. After being forced to the Last Chance qualifier on Saturday, Kevin Monteith started the prefinal in twenty-fourth and moved up to fifth in the ten lap prefinal.

With two seats for Team Canada on the line, the crowds lined the fences for the final. Off the start it was PLO with the holeshot followed by Hugo and teammate Massimo Scotti, making a nice charge forward to P3. At the end of one circuit it was PLO, Hugo, Scotti, Jonathan Tetreault, Vincec and DiLeo. The action mid-pack was wild as a large incident occurred entering turn three resulted in the dampening of the braking zone for turn four. On the next lap PLO would be the first to encounter the mess, sending him off track and ending his day. Hugo would assume the lead as DiLeo had already grabbed two spots to take over P4. Over the next three laps Hugo would extend his lead while DiLeo went to work and clicked off spots taking P3 and P2 by mid way. DiLeo would continue to set the lap times as he tried to chase down the leader. A broken rad mount would hamper his charge as he looked to maintain second over Scotti. At the line it was Hugo with DiLeo in second spot and Scotti in third.

Garett Grist(19) and Steven Szigeti(8) pushed eachother to the limits in Rotax Junior with Grist crossing as the victor
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Rotax Max Junior
Andrew Waring lead the field through turn one in the prefinal as Austin Milwain was forced off track and into the barriers. Rounding lap one, Waring led Szigeti, Garett Grist, Michael Adams and Jeffrey May. The front five would hold their positions through the shortened prefinal with Szigeti making an advancement to the front row with only a handful of laps left. Crossing the line, Waring placed his Goodwood Intrepid on the pole for the final with Szigeti, Grist, May, Adams and Artem Korolev filling out the front three rows.

The fences remained filled as the sunny conditions flipped the track conditions completely for the final. Szigeti out braked Waring for the lead exiting one, but Grist dropped to the inside of four and lead the first lap. Wild action followed the leaders into turn three and four as Korolev and May bombarded through the outside barriers, forcing them to watch the remainder of the race from the sidelines as Adams, Milwain and many others drove off the entrance of four. Tommy Beshro snuck into third on lap two as Grist pulled a few karts lengths up front. As the front two pulled away, Waring and Beshro were joined by Spencer Todd forming an excellent battle for third. The three swapped the position numerous times allowing Ethan Livingston to catch up and join the war. With five to go, Szigeti snuck under Grist entering turn six. Catching Grist a little off guard, the two made contact entering the corner. Szigeti exited in the lead, but after receiving a warning a lap later waived Grist by in turn one, showing his class to try and the win race without any penalties. Although he charged for the lead in the closing laps, Szigeti would become the vice-champion for the second straight year as Grist pointed to his tuner when he crossed the finish line. Holding off the charge of Todd, Waring and Livingston, Beshro claimed the final podium position.

Rain or Dry, Devlin Defrancesco paced the Rotax Micro Max class and earned his first Canada National Championship
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Micro Max
The first of two Rotax support classes was Rotax Micro Max. The day belonged to young gun Devlin Defrancesco as he would take the pole with three heat wins and then went on to win the prefinal and the final in great style. After spinning in the prefinal Tyler Ripani started the final at the back. Working his way forward throughout the race, he made his move for second with only a handful of laps remaining and held his position in his first race aboard a Pserra Birel Micro Max. The final spot on the podium went to Austin Riley who also had a great first Nationals weekend.

Rotax DD2
The third of the RMC classes would be Rotax DD2. All weekend long the man to beat was Daniel Morad, who paced the field through the heats. In the prefinal the drivers would face a drying track as the rains had stopped. The front would see polesitter Morad set up alongside veteran Frank Launi. Off the start there was bumping and pushing throughout the field all the way into turn four, knocking Morad back several spots. After the first pass by the start line it was Pier-Luc Ouellette in P1 with Launi and Darren White in close pursuit. Zach Meyers would be the man on the move as he began to battle White for P3 allowing Michael DiMeo and Morad to reel them in. On lap four Meyers would grab third from White. Two laps later, contact between White and Meyers allowed DiMeo to slip into P3 and Morad to P4. Up front the lead duo of PLO and Launi would check out as DiMeo and Morad looked to close the gap. At the line it was PLO, Launi and DiMeo as the top three.

After finishing second the previous two years, Frank Launi finally stood atop the podium in Rotax DD2
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

In the final PLO would grab the holeshot with DiMeo in P2 and Launi in third. On lap three DiMeo would take over P1 as PLO was sidelined with a broken throttle cable. Sal Ditta would make an impressive charge forward using his local track knowledge to take over P3 on lap five from his 13th starting spot. Up front Launi would begin to close on DiMeo, who handed the lead over when he broke down exiting turn seven with a broken shifter. With Launi clear out front, Morad moved to P2 on lap 12 and worked to reel him. With two to go it was still Launi out front with Morad and teammate Ditta working the laps to close the gap. White would take P4 back from Meyers as the last lap board came out. At the flag it was Launi, over Morad and Ditta.

Mini Max
Like in Micro Max, it was one driver dominating the weekend. Quebec’s Samuel Fontaine would put in a strong performance against some of Canada’s and the United States' best young pilots. Fontaine would grab pole for the prefinal against Quebec standout Lance Stroll, who took the third heat victory. From the green Stroll grabbed the hole and paced the race early on. Jack West would try on P1 as contact pushed Stroll wide. Fontaine would go to P1 the next lap and take the win.

Samuel Fontaine paced the Rotax Mini-Max class all day Sunday and was rewarded with a Canadian Championship
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

In the final it would be Fontaine from the start with teammates Dore Chaponick and Jack West trying to keep in contact. Stroll would go to P3 quickly up from his fifth starting spot and look to track down West. With four go Stroll would get by West and hope to catch any mistake from Fontaine. He was able to close the gap, setting fast lap in the process but it was not enough to catch the ultra-quick Fontaine. At the line it was Fontaine, Stroll and West making up the podium spots.

With all the racing over, it was time to complete Team Canada. Joining Kyle Stevens (WCC), Darren White (FWT) and Scott Campbell (Gatorz) in DD2 would be Frank Launi and Daniel Morad. Joining Chris Glover (WCC) in Senior Rotax would be Hugo Ouellette and Marco DiLeo. In Junior Rotax Bryce Choquer (WCC) would be joined by Garett Grist and Steven Szigeti. Team Canada will take a total of eleven drivers to the World Finals in Egypt in December.

Goodwood Kartways did a stellar job preparing their facility for this year's National Championships as well as promoting the event to the public. Many race fans from around the area filled the fences in both the wet and dry conditions. The ASN Canada officials did a great job keeping the entire event under control and after the trophy presentations, Paul Cooke announced that the 2010 ASN Canadian National Karting Championships will be held at SRA Karting which is located about 30 minutes north on Montreal. Also on tap at trophy presentations Lawrence Stroll, on behalf of the Stroll family, invited Darren White (Rotax DD2), Hugo Ouellette (Rotax Max Senior), Gary Klutt (Canada Senior), Steven Szigeti (Rotax Max Junior) and Ryan Klutt (Canada Junior) to Mont Tremblant for a complete three-day professional driving course at the famous Jim Russell Racing Drivers School at the Le Circuit race track.

Article Credit: ekartingnews.com
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