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IKF 2-Cycle Sprint Grand Nationals - Day 1


Day one of the International Kart Federation 2-Cycle Sprint Grand Nationals was quite an eventful one. As every year when the IKF sanctioning body puts on a national race for the Duffy, things get exciting.

The day started with the Kid Kart contingent. In Qualifying, Jerrett Tachovsky grabbed the Screaming Eagle with a fast time of 1:09.556 almost 0.662ahead of second place. In the Pre-Final, Tachovsky jumped to an early lead. Jerrett extended the lead as the race progressed and ran to a 3.396 second victory. After the first race on the track looked as if Tachovsky would have it in the bag, but looking at time the sheets, the faster laps were run by other karts, setting up for a close battle in the Duffy race. The battle for the win was the closest ever seen in Kid Karts. After changing the top spot many times, Zach Corbitt made the pass for second coming out of turn two. As the front karts headed to turn seven, Corbitt put his nose to the bottom rubbing the leader Jarrett Gilmer up the track and getting to the inside. Leading to the last turn onto the front straight, Gilmer got into the loose stuff, hitting a curb and rolling over. Corbitt was the first to the line, however, due to the rollover and the immediate red flag the finish reverted back to the white flag lap which placed Gilmer on the top of the podium with the Duffy. Tachovsky came home second and Corbitt went back to third as Eathan Barrett and Courtney Batterton were the remainder of the top five.

Junior Sportsman winner Cody Kay Leading the field
(Photo: Scribner Racing Promotions)

The 21 kart class of Super Sportsman was second up and Clayton Snow laid down a scorcher in qualifying with a 52.246. On the start of the Pre-Final the lead trio went three wide in turn one with Snow getting the worst of it. Snow was in the barriers and allowed Hogg into the lead. Phinny later got the lead and walked to an easy victory for the pole in the Duffy race. Snow made a great run from last after the first turn incident to finish fourth. All drivers made through the first turn cleanly on the start of the Final and Phinny was the early leader. As the race progressed, Snow was on a charge. Once Snow caught Phinny the gloves came off and the race for the lead began. Swapping the lead several times, Snow made the winning pass with two laps to go. Gapping Phinny by five karts when making the pass, Snow held the gap to the checkered. Post race tech saw Snow get disqualified however for an illegal cylinder handing the Duffy to Phinny. Mike Botelho Jr was second, Bobby Kelley, Derek Zimmerman and Alex Schutte rounded out the top five.

On the track next was the 29 kart field of HPV-1 Cadet. Noah Hermansen captured the Screaming Eagle with a lap of 53.327. The Pre-Final saw Jarred Campbell grab the lead early and hold it till the end. Riley Reyes and Zane Smith got together late leaving Smith in the fence and Reyes losing positions. The start of the Duffy race would look the same as the Pre-Final with Campbell and Hermansen. On the start Campbell got help in the barriers, putting him out of the race. Sonny Cervelli got out front early with a big lead and would go on to take the win. The battle was for second with the Michael Womack, Reyes, Smith and JR Raczko. In the end, Womack pulled to the front of the pack to finish second. Following the race the initial winner Cervelli was put back three spots for causing the wreck on the start, this bumped Womack to the Duffy position. Reyes came home second with Smith third, Cervelli was put in the fourth position with Raczko rounding out the top five.

HPV-1 Cadet winner Micheal Womack
(Photo: Scribner Racing Promotions)

Junior Sportsman took to the track next and Tyler Palmer laid down a lap .351 faster then second at a 52.962. In the Pre-Final, Palmer was the early leader. As the race progressed Palmer looked tough but an exhaust can coming apart caused a drop in power. Palmer ended up in the barriers coming onto the straight, which blocked the track and sent the karts behind him diving into the dirt. Kiel Spaulding took over the lead and held it till about two to go. Raquel Martinez’s kart came in late to make the run at Spaulding. Martinez got the lead and the win to start the pole position for the feature. The Duffy race was perhaps the best one of day. The top four karts of Cody Kay, Taylor Miinch, Spaulding and Martinez all took their turn at the lead. Spaulding got the lead late and held it tough. On the white flag Kay stuffed it to the inside of Spaulding in turn two for the win. This gapped Spaulding and Kay went on to win the Duffy at his home track. Spaulding was second, Shawn Sharkey, Raquel Martinez and Camden Geise were the rest of the top five.

The last race of the day was TaG Masters. Robert Logan grabbed the Screaming Eagle with a 49.721. Logan looked tough all day as he ran to the front in the Pre-Final after the front row got put back for failed starts. Again in the Final Logan ran in the lead the whole race and cruised to a healthy lead. Jared Woolf was the sole driver running the race that didn’t meet the age requirements but made it in on driver weight to finish second. Mat Kattanek was third, David Harwin and Danny Bordgona rounded out the top five.

TaG Masters winner Robert Logan
(Photo: Scribner Racing Promotions)

Day two holds some exciting races with Kid Kart Heavy, Senior Sportsman, Jr. Super Sportsman, Jr. 1 Heavy, and HPV-3 Senior which will see some popular drivers race.

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