PGP LO206 Winter Racing




With anticipation high, the opening race should draw an impressive number of entrants with their first visit to the impressive complex in 2 years. Part of the attraction is the $24,000 worth of prizes given away throughout the season . The biggest prizes are the four chances to race in France at the IAME's X30 International Finals. These will be awarded to the Championship winners of Direct Drive, Tag Sr, Masters and Shifter. With the exception of the racing in France, prizes on not given to the winners, but instead randomly drawn at the end of each race day. MG tires has also come on board again to sponsor the series and we look forward to announcing more sponsors in the coming weeks. Online registration now open!

Rule changes for the New Year:

- Please note that SIMA has combined IAME SR with TAG Sr.
- We have created a direct drive class to allow all 100cc CIK Approved engines to run with the IAME Nordam at a weight break for parity.
- Each class must have a min average of 10 participants to win the trip to France. Eligible classes are Direct Drive, Shifter, TAG SR and Masters.

New dates will appear as below.

2014 SIMA Winter Series

Feb 1st - March 1st - April 4th-6th (Combined with Gold Cup weekend)

Registration is now open for the Gold Cup and SIMA Winter series round 3 on April 4th-6th. Click the link below to register www.motorsportreg.com/events/sima-ikf-gold-cup-winter-series-round-3-sumas-intl-motorsports-academy-587072#.Uxi9Hfnxpfj

For more information about the race, visit www.simaracing.com and click this link to go directly to the Gold Cup pages simaracing.com/sima-gold-cup

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