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December 16, 2013 - Brought into karting by the passion that his young son has for the sport, serial entrepreneur and karting father Marcel Fairbairn is pleased to announce the launch of Karting Source. Based off the platform of his highly successful GearSource.com website, www.KartingSource.com will be your go-to site for anything and everything that is available for sale in the karting community.

GearSource provides re-marketing of professional audio systems, lighting, video and even staging. GearSource.com was founded in 2001 and continues to grow and thrive today. With operations in the United States and Europe, the company has established the largest database of items, and the highest level of expertise anywhere in the world. Now, using what GearSource has developed, KartingSource.com is about to launch a new and global marketplace for the karting community that is like no other.

The group's proprietary software and inventory disposal system has been developed over 12 years and at a cost of greater than $1m, offering a platform that will easily empower an individual or a karting family wanting to buy and sell their gear with no hassle. In addition, kart product manufacturers, distributors and teams will benefit greatly from being able to manage and/or dispose of larger inventories in a secure, structured and organized manner without wasting valuable time with online auction sites or classified ads. The questions normally associated with selling those items are now directed at Karting Source staff, leaving you more time to race! You provide the list, desired pricing and photos, Karting Source does the rest, whether you're selling a single kart package or an entire inventory of chassis, engines, tools - even transporters and trailers.

For added flexibility, KartingSource.com allows users to take advantage of the simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) process where you can list and manage your products yourself, or you can choose to enlist the company's full concierge services. In fact, for larger businesses and rental fleets, the company has created software to establish a pipeline between KartingSource.com and your rental or sales inventory. This allows you to automate the listing process based on your utilization.

Better yet, the Karting Source staff includes karting experts...people with 20 plus years karting experience. The staff will help to determine what is best for you in terms of the brand, location, your specific needs, and more.

"I am hoping to be able to list your inventory for sale when the site launches the same week as Florida Winter Tour on January 13, 2014," expressed company founder, Marcel Fairbairn. To get started, sellers are asked to email the company, listings@kartingsource.com and request a review of immediately available items for sale. These items will be featured on the site when it first launches. Marcel continues, "whether you want to sell a single engine package, or a warehouse full of karting gear, we'd love to help you!"

The company also offers fantastic advertising and promotional opportunities for karting related businesses. Site wide banners will be strategically placed based on the category being searched and more. And, because the company will strategically limit advertisers right out of the gate, you will receive maximum exposure.

Fairbairn added, "There's so much more to tell you, but in the end - we would much prefer to show you! The site will launch January 13th, but in the meantime, we'd be happy to discuss available options with you."

In addition to the website launch in January, Karting Source is looking to add 'Karting Gear Experts' to their qualified staff. Interested parties are asked to send their complete resumes and list of motorsports experiences to Marcel@KartingSource.com .

For more information on Karting Source, please visit them online at www.KartingSource.com or contact Marcel directly at marcel@KartingSource.com .
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