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CRG, Verstappen protagonist again in Bahrain's KF World Championship


Max Verstappen recovered the gap he accumulated in an unlucky qualifying and put in two solid wins in the heats. The Dutch driver secured in this way the first row in the Prefinal. Good heats also from Felice Tiene who is currently 6th overall, and Jordon Lennox-Lamb, 11th. Prompt recover for Dionisios Marcu in KF Junior.

Sakhir (Bahrain). A strong Max Verstappen, as usual on an excellent and winning CRG chassis pushed by a TM engine unit by GFR, got the situation back in his hands in Bahrain at the spectacular Sakhir's circuit in the qualifying heats of the KF World Championship. He gave everybody a very good proof of his competitiveness with a character performance and excellent driving.

Verstappen started his heats with a bit of penalty coming from an unlucky qualifying and in the three races of the day he managed to fill the gap putting in two stunning victories after the fifth time in heat-1. The French driver Dorian Boccolacci has been his main rival throughout but Verstappen managed to keep him behind in the two final heats.

VERSTAPPEN IN FRONT ROW. Max Verstappen managed to secure the front row in the Prefinal that will take place on Saturday's afternoon, an exciting accomplishment for the Dutch driver that has been the “king” of this season winning the KZ World Championship, the European KZ and KF championships, the KZ1 WSK Euro Series and KZ2 WSK Master Series.

His main rival in the championship, Nicklas Nielsen, will start the Prefinal from the seventh place. Ben Hanley, currently third in the standings, will get away from the 19th spot of the grid.

GOOD PERFORMANCE BY TIENE AND LENNOX. Felice Tiene showed a positive and combative spirit in all the three heats where he obtained three eighth places that were worth a promising sixth spot of the Prefinal's starting grid.

Combative heats for Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who has been penalyzed a bit when he lost a few positions in the heat of the races. In the final ranking following the heats Lennox is currently 11th, but the British driver will certainly use up all his resources to get back to the front where he belongs.

DIONISIOS' RECOVER. In KF Junior Dionisios Marcu obtained very interesting placings as an eighth, an eleventh and twelfth place in the four heats he took part in, recovering from a troubled qualifying. The retirement in the first heat held on Thursday relegated Dionisios a bit to the back on the Prefinal's starting grid. Access to the Final remains the main target of the Romanian driver.

VERSTAPPEN'S COMMENT. Max Verstappen appeared evidently reassured after qualifying heats and ready to fight for the title. “At the start of the first heat I experienced some problems and had to go on the sand of the dirty part of the track losing contact with the first four drivers. Later on I was catching them so the speed was not too bad after all. In the second heat I had a good start and despite the adjustments to the chassis did not pay off we managed to win the heat anyway. I hit another good start in the third heat and then I was slowly catching the front runner and in the last lap I got past him. In the end things were good, and people behind me in the championship like Nielsen and Hanley are a little bit further away which is good. Tomorrow we will try to stay in front of the other people to get the championship”.

Standings of the KF World Championship after the first round of PF International:
1. Verstappen (CRG/Tm) points 25; 2. Nielsen (Kosmic/Tm) 20; 3. Hanley (Art GP/Tm) 13; 4. Stupenkov (Energy/Tm) 13; 5. Stroll (Zanardi/Tm) 11; 6. Hansen (Tony Kart/Vortex) 10; 7. Tiene (CRG/Parilla) 9; 8. Hiltbrand (LH/Tm) 8; 9. Boccolacci (Energy/Tm) 7; 10. Palou (CRG/Parilla) 6; 11. Basz (Tony Kart/Vortex) 5; 12. Joyner (Zanardi/Tm) 4; 13. Russell (Kosmic/Tm) 3; 14. Romanov (Energy/Tm) 2; 15. Besancenez (Tony Kart/Tm) 1.

All results are available on the websites www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com.

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22nd November 2013

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