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Italian Motors Bringing the IAME Nordam Back to North America


Pure form of racing, raw power, incredible acceleration, the springboard class for F1 stars such as Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Danica Patrick, Michael Valiante and other racing stars; this is kart racing at its finest; ICA. Direct drive classes for karting have been dormant for some time in the United States dating back to the days of the Stars of Karting National race series. It is a one of the most energetic types of kart racing in existence, and ITALIAN MOTORS is putting a grand effort in bringing it back to North America. Italian motors has just released a 125cc direct drive motor developed specifically for North America, its called the IAME Nordam. Back in the day, costs of Formula A or ICA racing could soar to astronomical amounts for a season. IAME has purposely built the Nordam to run as a cost effective motor, more similar to that of a TaG motor. On Saturday September 21st it will get its first taste of American soil at SIMA Raceway, home of Claudio Valiante and Italian Motors USA in Sumas, WA. As North America’s largest distributor of IAME products, Italian Motors USA will be releasing the beastly motor in Saturday’s IAME Senior class as an exciting end to cap off the already competitive season the track has had this year. Drivers of the class had the privilege of piloting the motor free of charge, as part of Italian Motors plan to release the motor to the public following the weekends events. The company plans to create an IAME Nordam class in their series Championship for next race season, as well as re-introduce Super Pole for the IAME Senior drivers on Saturday, a style of qualifying where the top 5 qualifiers of the class hit the track to lay it on the line with one lap for pole position. Italian Motors is hinting at the matter as this will be the form of qualifying they use for next season. Racing action will be intense this weekend in the Northwest as winners will be decided for SIMA’s Advance to France prizes, with Champions of the TaG Masters and TaG Senior classes winning trips to Lyon, France to race in the IAME Internationals. With a combination of IAME’s release of the Nordam and two local pilots securing a seat to France, it is sure to be a weekend of some intense action. Anticipation will be palpable to see the extreme performance this new IAME Nordam motor brings to SIMA’s year end event.

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